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How to Manage so much Stress

There is so much going on, which sounds redundant since this past year has been unreal in so many ways. The sad part is, it feels like there is no way things could get worse--but somehow--they do. I am talking about the challenges of isolation, fear of covid, fear of vaccination, fear of being together again, anxiety about reacquainting with people (friends and family) you haven't seen in a long time coupled with more social unrest. I feel overwhelmed. People I talk to feel overwhelmed. It's tough out there.

I recommend self care at a time of high tension and high stress. What are the things that you have in place that help you cope and feel better? What gives you peace in trying times? I am thinking of things like music, exercise, breathwork, meditation, prayer, talking with a trusted friend, journaling, reading poetry, being ok with NOT being ok at the moment, petting your dog, looking at nature in nature, avoiding social media or news? Whatever makes you feel better is the way to go.

Coping doesn't necessarily have to look or feel lovely. It's making do with what you've got. It's being honest with how you feel--even if you're not sure how or why you feel so uncomfortable seeing friends again or being in public again--it's new again. It's scary out there, and that means more kindness, more patience, more compassion for yourself and the people you meet. I support you... from afar--as we all keep on keeping on.

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