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I Hate When ... Get in my Way

Meaning ME. I hate it when I get in my own way. You might think--really? How do you get in your own way? Don't you know how to avoid this? Block time? Turn off devices? Say no? Set boundaries? Well, yes, I do all those things, but truly there are times where I get in my own way, and it shows up like procrastination and nonsense rationalization and lack of progress.

This week I attended a talk about being "Shamelessly YOU." That sounded good until all of a sudden I started realizing with all the talk about shame and how it actually shows up-- I remembered a kindergarten experience from 1970 that I am still carrying with me. And it is getting in my way now.

True story--I grew up in suburban Philadelphia, and I went to half day kindergarten on the bus. It was mainly social time back then. A daily highlight? A half pint of milk and an oreo cookie on a paper napkin every day. One day at recess, the buckle on my shoe broke. I was humiliated. I was embarrassed. I wondered what I should do about it? How could I hide this? What would happen if anyone saw? I told no one. No one asked me about it because no one noticed. It was all messed up, inside my little brain, that being less than perfect was a big problem. That a broken shoe buckle was cause for embarrassment. UH OH. I was five years young!

I am almost 58 now, and when I think about certain things I'd like to do, talk about doing, pay for training in, and then I don't follow through to completion, that's ME--ME, getting in my own way. Being a "blessing blocker" because of SHAME that anything less than perfection won't do. That's a pretty high (as in impossible) bar for anyone. I am not proud. I am feeling pretty sad about this and the little version of me in cats eyes glasses, who suffered her perceived "humiliation" in silence and felt that she had to be perfect, or else? Or else, what? I have no clue.

I am sharing this with you JUST IN CASE you find yourself thinking one thing, but then not following through completely. And then ruminating, justifying and distracting yourself to get past it. Or, maybe you are asking yourself, if I really wanted it, then I would do it, right? Maybe I just don't want it badly enough? What's wrong with me? This comes up with weight loss ALL.THE.TIME. I'm not saying shame is your issue, but I am asking you directly what (or who) is getting in your way?

Next Saturday September 30 at 8AM, all are welcome in my ZOOM ROOM. Here is the link. Feel free to share it with your friends and family who are interested. I will send it out again next week.

Meeting ID: 856 3422 8597

All are welcome! It is FREE. Come and see what it will be like to be in a community of like minded perfectly imperfect human beings who are looking for motivation, inspiration, accountability, support, humor and straight talk on the topic of weight loss and weight normalization. NO SHAME! This is not a Weight Watchers replacement. You know where to go to get that specific support. This is for people who have tried and who refuse to give up even when times get tough and for those who are itching for a fresh start. No specific weight loss plan is required. Whether you make up your own plan, follow WW or Mayo Clinic or My Fitness Pal or Noom or intermittent fasting, you are welcome. The thing is--it's not the method. It's the madness. The madness that comes from shedding the crazytown thinking of I can't. Because it's too hard. And it is taking too long anyway.

You decide next week whether you'd like to join the two sessions that I will be facilitating through the end of the year. (Don't worry, I've got you in 2024 too!) I will take online payments next week. $60 for each session running from October 7-November 18 (no meeting October 21) and November 25-December 30 (no meeting December 2). That's basically three months of group coaching sessions for $120.

What's included besides the weekly group coaching on Saturday at 8AM? I am holding open hours "hot seat" coaching on Tuesdays at 3-4PM on ZOOM, for you to come and get one on one help, ask a question, call me out or bring a friend who might be interested in joining. It IS better together.

How do I pay you next week? Online payments through Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Apple Pay or paper checks. Pay $60 for the first session OR pay $120 for both. It's a deal, and it's a commitment to yourself.

What if I have to miss a week? No problem, let me know and we can strategize your success plan while you are gone living your abundant life. No wheels coming off the bus here.

I want to ask a personal question, but I don't want to do it in the group--what should I do? Send me a message: I read my email. :))

I am here SHAMELESSLY for you. Let's do this!

xo Coach Karen :))

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