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You're Invited!

I hope you are finding yourself living in the moment, feeling good about who you are, what you are doing, living in alignment with your values. And, if your values are shifting, and your focus is getting fuzzy, and you are wondering if resolutions are OUT and intentional living is IN, then where to start? I've got you!

You are invited to an interactive ZOOM group coaching about DESIRES, ROUTINES, GOALS and almighty FULFILLMENT, like CONTENTMENT.

As a coach for two decades, I have learned a lot about how people think--how self fulfilling those thoughts can be, how people change, how transformative that can be, and how people can step back only to find themselves on a different path, and how unsettling and yet freeing that can be.

So, where are you? New year, new you? Sugar detox? Ozempic? Exercise overload? Gluten free? Closet clean out once and for all? Dry January? Vision Board galore? OR still in holiday mode? It's a lot!

Let Coach Karen be very clear! You do not have to be doing something to improve yourself or your life or your body or your bank account or your character every minute of every day. That would be exhausting and counterproductive. You can be you... Show up as you are...AND, you can say that it is enough, AND you are enjoying yourself. Done. You can be someone who says I am proud of my accomplishments, and I want more of them. I'll take baby steps. You decide for you. No calendar or coach can tell you different.

If you are looking to turn the page on what's truly behind you, and you'd like to invite more fulfillment and contentment to your life, then join me Thursday night at 7PM central on Zoom. Bring a notebook or your journal. I will be giving you prompts to consider and write about.

I can't wait to celebrate the new year with you and press pause and consider what's next.

Here's the link. Feel free to share this with a friend! All are welcome. I am here to serve

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 841 2922 5442

xo Coach Karen :))

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