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Motivational Speaker,
Transformation Coach,
Author, Blogger, YouTube Content Creator,
Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation Instructor

Karen Astromsky

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Are you juggling frustrations with yourself, your body image, your weight, your family, your relationships?  Are you in transition, contemplating the next phase of your precious life?  Has coping with stress upended your life?  Or, are you feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, lost--and don't know what to do or where to turn because it all seems so hard?  If this sounds like you, and you are contemplating a re-set, then I am here to serve you in one-on-one sessions or in my new group membership community.    


This is what some of my clients have to share.


"Karen is a coach like no other.  She strikes a great balance between encouragement and "Let's get out there and do it!"  She helps stir the fire in your belly to accomplish your goals.  She is wonderful!"   

Maureen O'Grady

"I am so grateful for your time.  You intuitively maneuvered around the current challenges I face with such care.  Your responses were helpful and compassionate.  I felt seen, and I needed that.  I appreciate you."  Angie P.


I am a proud mom of adult children.  As someone who wanted to be a mother since I was five years old, I only envisioned the fun parts.  I was not prepared for the difficulties that rocked my world.  When my younger daughter was born with a heart defect and then got cancer at 6 1/2 months, I was put on notice.  Life would never be the same again.  Then along came PTSD to keep reminding me every. single. day.    

Fast forward to my daughters' teenage years when I was a single mom, and serious mental health issues surfaced.  In between those critical moments, I became a coach and discovered heart, mind and body techniques to calm myself, set manageable priorities and get through the day without crying into my steering wheel.

For the past two decades, I have been coaching clients through their pain points and rocky transitions--without judgment or stigma.  I proudly motivate individuals and groups using my intuitive abilities, irreverent East Coast humor and straight-forward, empathetic approach. 


I partner with you, actively listen to you, support you and challenge you as you set new priorities for yourself.  And, all importantly, I hold you accountable to your goals, so you can be successful on your terms.  Yes, this can be you.  You can be inspired, motivated, clear, healthy and on the road to your dreams.  Change is coming.  Transformation is on the horizon.  This can be your story.  This can be your precious life.  Are you ready?   



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