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Judy J.

Thank you so much
for all your wonderful knowledge and wisdom. 

You have been such an inspiration to me.

I often find myself saying and doing things you taught me.  


Chana W.

Just a small note to say
a BIG thank you! 

During this difficult year
you have been my light in the dark,

a true inspiration to keep going strong.

Karen Poel

chief guide, body first project

When we think of Karen, we sit up straighter.  We feel our hearts and our pulse.  We think of passion, purpose and perseverance.  We see a true healer.  Karen has power and presence.  Sometimes it is like fireworks.  Sometimes it is like a bracing dip in a clear, cold lake.  Sometimes it is like a warm hug.  Sometimes it is a great big belly laugh.   Karen has a deep understanding when she connects  at a sacred, embodied, cellular level.

Mental Health Ministry

St. Joan of Arc, Minneapolis

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

You furthered our mission of making it ok to not be perfect or to live with mental health issues.  You engaged the audience and related personally to everyone by using their names.  You grounded the group with breathing before you started, and everyone loved it rather than just sitting and being talked at.  People said they were changed after your presentation--and that it was the best program of the year!

Jean M. 

Life is not a matter of milestones, but a matter of moments.  I appreciated all the moments of honesty and true joy you gave every week.

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