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Later is Not a Time on my Clock

How often have you put something off--and said you would do it "later" but "later" never came? It's an all too common complaint that keeps us feeling frustrated, stuck and unsuccessful. We are so capable of procrastinating and pushing away what we don't want to do NOW by saying to ourselves we will tackle it later.

Get right with yourself! LATER IS NOT A TIME.

And because later is not a time, we often don't ever get to it. The way most things get done is by focusing on doing them. It's that simple.

We prioritize.

We set aside time.

We make space in our head.

We break down problems and projects so that we don't get overwhelmed.

If you have been putting off something for tomorrow that you would be so relieved to have started today, treat yourself to the power of NOW. Do a little bit now, so that you can keep going tomorrow, or tonight at 5PM, or whenever that time certain is established, you will have the confidence that you are on your way.


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