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It's already half way through September--and we are still hearing the "back to school" messages as we fall back into a new routine. This is when we adults think about how we are going to approach this last part of the calendar year. Here are some "ABCs" to getting it done.

It will come as no surprise that setting goals is key in making anything happen. STAR goals give us the blueprint and the checklist for moving towards success. S means specific. Make sure your goal is so clearly stated that you know exactly what it is you intend to accomplish. "I want to get healthy" is not specific. I want to lower my cholesterol by 20 points. That is specific. T stands for timely. This goal must have a due by date otherwise the days run into weeks into months...and then nothing. I want to lower my cholesterol in 3 months. That is timely. A is for action oriented. Can you actually do this? Can you take the positive steps of moving forward that this requires? If you want to lower you cholesterol by 20 points, you might be eating more healthfully, cutting out sodium and increasing activity. Finally, R is for realistic. Is this goal doable by you and you and...YOU! It has to be something within your control given the life circumstances you find yourself living in. Sure, you can get friends to help you like a coach or a trainer, but truly you are the one who is confident, able and going to do the work. It makes logical sense! That is realistic.

There is an important step that comes before setting up the STAR goals you are looking to achieve this year...and that is the brainstorming and free-association thinking that you do beforehand. Give yourself a moment to reflect on what you are pleased about in your life, your finances, your hobbies, your personal development, your relationships, your house. Then, consider what you'd like more of... aim high on this. Consider what it is that you truly want more of in your heart of hearts. No one is going to look at the list, so you can be as honest about this wish as you like. What would you like to change?

After honestly reflecting and brainstorming, you are set up to use the STAR goals checklist to see if what you have in mind makes sense in the real world--not just in the dream world of your mind. It has to meet all four criteria to happen.

The change in seasons or the start of the school year is a great time to regroup and rethink where you are and where you'd like to be. From little things like reorganizing your clothes to big things like considering a career change or giving up a project to move your life in a new direction, you deserve to get what you want from your precious life. One twinkly STAR at a time.

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