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And Then Came March

This time last week, here in Minnesnowta, it was all about the historic snowstorm we were expecting. Gear up. Hunker down. Stay off the roads. And so, most of us did. Only to be greeted by a not so big storm (at least where I am). I can't help noticing that today--March 1, one week later, I am seeing signs like "we are ready for spring." That's Minnesota whiplash weather in a week. Which is it? Snow or spring?

This makes me think of direction--which direction are you going? Whether this is metaphoric or geographic--I'm going North on 494 at the very same point you are going South on 494... your direction is the starting off point. Direction also implies destination. I am heading this way--to get to this point--so that this thing happens--the ending point. Voila!

Whether it is the start of a new day, week or month, as in March 1--the idea that we are getting a fresh start, a new starting off point--another chance at moving forward in the direction we'd like to be going is refreshing.

If you aren't so thrilled with yesterday or last week or last month or winter itself, good news--we are moving away from that. We are headed in a different direction--a different season--moving towards perhaps a different ending point.

Second chances. Soft landings. Do overs. Re-directs. Forgiveness.

These are all aspects of moving in the direction you'd like to be going. So, I ask you this week--check in with yourself and journal if you like, about which direction you are headed in your life. Is it different because of the spring coming? Is it different because you choose to make it different? Is it exactly the same without boots? Whatever it is, by giving yourself a chance to ponder this, your life becomes more intentional.

If you are looking for self improvement and you'd like to move towards healthier eating, managing stress through physical activity or calming your emotions before you respond--then write those goals down. And then, every day, in little ways and maybe big ones, move your heart, mind and body IN THE VERY DIRECTION you'd like to be going. When you find yourself on the wrong road, just turn around. It is that simple. No trash talking yourself. Just turn your car or your heart, mind or body around to where you would like to go. Voila!

xo Coach Karen :)) always in your corner

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