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Are You Thinking of Holidays Already?

There I was in London, on the Tube, (I keep calling it the metro) when I struck up a conversation with a local British man. We talked a bit about the football game we just attended (go, Vikings!) and visiting London. He talked about going to New York for New Years once, and then he said--do you have any plans for holiday? I heard, "What's up for Christmas?". (The word "holiday" is British speak for vacation.) OHHHH, what a relief when I realized what he was asking, because I had not started thinking anything about holidays as I know them.

Until.... I started seeing all the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (probably Hanukkah is out too) stuff. Rushing the season is depressing. I don't want to jump ahead when I haven't even bought a pumpkin.

This whole "holiday" encounter planted a seed in my mind--starting with why was my reaction to the word "holiday" not one of fa la la--but one of--uh oh--I better get going with all the things, which are too many things. Way too many. Starting with expectations.

Lucky for all of us, one of the positive unintended consequences of covid world was that we discovered that we can rewrite the rules on how things "should" be. From dressing up (or not ever) to ordering in beer or corn flakes or laundry detergent, we got to redefine and redirect how we interact with the world. That world includes friends and family at holidays or any other time.

This seed, planted in my mind, took root and made me think more about how we really got nudged into a new normal with a new awareness, which is a perfect time to take a look at your life and choose how you want it to go.

Let's start at the beginning.

Intention plus action equals harmony/satisfaction/fulfillment/alignment.

And, with that in mind, I am encouraging you to think about your intentions (dreams) of how you'd like to think, feel, do...and then decide what action you will take to get those things. If there is even a sliver of light between intention and action, there is room for doubt or delay about your fulfillment. Don't let that happen. If you intend to clean up the old clothes, then set a time and do it. Later is not a time. Later often becomes never. That equals disharmony, annoyance, dissatisfaction.

If you don't want to think about British vacations (aka holidays) or American ones for that matter (Thanksgiving to New Years) then don't. Let your intention to dismiss those thoughts be followed by your mind saying "NOT TODAY, SATAN!"--so you can move along with what you do want.

I know that this is easier said than done, but practice does make big improvements. For this reason, I have a weekly group coaching on zoom, drop in once, come every week, donation based offering coming to you in November and December all because some Brit planted that holiday word in my head and got me thinking of so much more.

More details are coming. It's about ease--no STRESS. It's about YOU--ALL YOU.

Thank you for reading this much. I so appreciate it. Feel free to share this with any friends who need a boost! I come to serve.

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