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Both ... And

Even though it's holiday time, maybe you aren't feeling it in your heart? Maybe you want to just keep going with your regular life and let the commotion pass you by. That's a "Both And" decision that enables you to be where you are with no apologies and get what you want. You can be glad others are enjoying themselves AND feel very sad for yourself and your grief and loss.

Because I talk to so many people every week, and because people tell me deep/inner-meaning kinds of things, I have been hearing it all. So let me make life a little lighter and brighter for YOU no matter what you are dealing with AND looking at this week.

I landed on three fabulous journal prompts that make life better AND are easy to do.

1- Today I let go of XXXX whew!

2- Today I am grateful for ++++ yeah!

3- Today I look forward to **** can't wait!

This kind of simple journaling can be one or two words per query. I love the idea of starting the day off with EXTRA. EXTRA because you let go of something that is bothering you, weighing you down, annoying or irritating you. Let go of expectations to be perfect. Let go of self loathing. Let go of trash talking about your body. Let go of feeling like ALL or NOTHING. Welcome to the BOTH AND world. By intentionally letting go of something, you challenge yourself and focus your attention on that freedom. More time and space for you.

Being grateful for what you have is multiplication game. The more you focus on what you do have, the more you see, feel, appreciate, radiate your abundance. BAM! Take that!

By looking forward to something--even if that something is simply getting it done (like chores or a tough job) you create a more precious life. By looking forward to getting your workout done, you actually do your workout--and while you are doing it, you can give yourself credit for following through and then reap the reward. You did what you said you were going to do.

The research is clear. Ninety five percent of people who

1) write down their goals (and this kind of simple journaling is that);

2) tell someone they trust what their goals are; and

3) create accountability with a coach or group on a weekly basis achieve what they set out to do.

If one of your goals is to be a "Both And" person, to look at your life with abundance, possibility, gratitude, fulfilment and and and--also recognize that not all parts of life are holly and jolly, that icky patches are normal, that second chances are there for the taking, then you, my friend are destined to get what you are creating. The simple self awareness that comes from simple journaling is undeniable. If you aren't doing it yet, now is the time.

Three simple prompts creating that BOTH AND mindset where more is possible and probable. That's a gift worth giving to yourself.

PS I made a commitment to myself that there is no looking at my phone until my journaling is done. BAM! Game changer. My day starts out with greatness as opposed to "what else do I have to catch up on.. who is trying to get me to click onto malware, because I know I didn't win a new IPHONE 14.

PPS I am holding safe space on Monday nights at 7PM on ZOOM for people who want what they want--whether it is holly jolly or not so so. Meeting ID 869 3194 4677

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