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Building You

The above photo was taken at the famous and infamously unfinished Sagrada Familia in Barcelona several years ago. Construction on this Basilica was started in 1882 by Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi. This work spans three centuries, and it's still not done. And, in a twist of fate, the famous architect was killed by a streetcar in front of the building while checking on construction. Life's work in front of him--and then behind him.

Of course it was several years ago that I was there--I haven't had my passport stamped in a while--like most of us. And, that's just the point, when we travel and experience new people, places, stories, foods, cultures, we become more enlightened. We usually learn something about how the world works in parts unknown. We discover how people live, what they eat, how they enjoy themselves. These experiences add something to our worldview. They can contribute to how we view ourselves in the world. These experiences open our eyes and ask us to look up (literally) and around and notice. What's different? What is the same?

Now that we are shifting to the fall season and leaving the summer behind, I am thinking about what I'd like to be different. I'd like covid to be over, that is for sure. I'd like to move on with life, 100%. I'd like to be able to process the entirety of this pandemic and begin forgetting about it because it is in the rearview mirror. That's not the reality I am getting, and because of that I find myself building even more resiliency. I find myself thinking about what I can do to make my life as it is here and now the way I'd like it to be. As much as I'd like to expand my worldview and travel and discover new cultures, I can't right now. I have to take what is directly in front of me and learn and discover from that.

There are silver linings to this moment in history. I am expanding my mind on what those are...

So, what are you building up right now? How are you reflecting on your life as you approach this second fall with covid in the background? How are you considering your life and what matters?

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