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Fall Out of Unhelpful....

I love this time of year. Summer is my favorite season, but fall is my second favorite. My birthday is in fall followed by Halloween. The leaves look so great, changing color in the sky. I love going to the apple orchard. Haralsons are one of my favorites. It's also a time of change.

And not to be too corny, but fall IS the season of letting go. Every day from September onward is a march away from summer and carefree long days and a step towards the "serious" season of long winter and shorter days (at least in Minnesota it's serious).

Like trees letting go of their leaves, as human beings, it's time for us to let go of what we don't need anymore. Little things like clothes you don't like to have in your house. (Did you see how I said that?) Bigger things like excess baggage. I am not talking suitcases here. I am talking about unhelpful thoughts like limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset and negative, downward spiraling or self-defeating behaviors like eating past satisfaction, staying friends with people who exhaust you, or wasting your time on distracting technology. It's time to let go of that.

At the beginning of yoga class, I often say to my students "let go of whatever isn't serving you." And I say that to you, now. Let go of what you don't want. I readily admit that getting rid of clothes you don't want can feel a lot easier than getting rid of unhelpful thoughts you don't want. It IS possible, though. You can choose helpful thoughts that inspire you to treat yourself like a treasure. Yes, YOU. Treat yourself like everyone treated you the day you were born. It's a stretch, believe me, I know, but just imagine it. I spend so much time ogling photos of our FIVE grandbabies under the age of 2. Talking about what they did that was darling, talking about how cute they are... If I spent a little bit of my time on that kind of LOVE and COMPASSION for myself--look out! Game changer!

I challenge you to consider what is taking up mental, emotional or physical space in your life, and take ONE BABY STEP forward in getting rid of it. Let go just like the trees let go of their leaves. They don't fight it. They just do it.

Overwhelm is NO help whatsoever here. So don't go there. Just identify what is not bringing you the contentment, happiness, joy or bliss that you'd like to be having and make a decision, follow that up with an action step. And then notice how you feel. I know I feel lighter and less cluttered mentally when I have less "stuff" around. I hate looking at clothes I don't ever wear hanging in my closet. It's a mental drag, and it is no way to start the day. So I take that to the Goodwill and move on. A win/win for me and whoever else benefits from my castoffs. I do this in the fall and spring. Year after year. It never ends. Just like mindset work...shedding those limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs. It never ends. It can happen all day long. The good news--we get better at it the more we make the effort. That's a win/win for you!

xo Coach Karen :))

If you are looking to make a change and let go of excess physical and mental weight, you are in the right place. I am hosting a coaching session on Saturday September 30 at 8AM in my zoom room, to talk about the upcoming 6 week coaching sessions I will be leading which begin the following Saturday October 7 at 8AM.

I hope to see you there. Bring your questions. I will cover all details then. Feel free to share this link with a friend if you know someone who is looking for motivation, inspiration, courage and accountability around weight loss and weight normalization.

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Meeting ID: 856 3422 8597

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