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Two Words

Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for helping. Thank you for noticing. Thank you for responding. Thank you for telling me. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Thank you for lunch. I loved the time we spent, and the and the lunch itself. YUM. Thank you.

Thank you for giving me your shopping cart in the parking lot so you didn't have to return it, and I didn't have to go get one.

Thank you for opening the door when you saw that I had my hands full of children.

Thank you for opening the door when you saw me crutching along and struggling.

Thank you for smiling when you saw that I wasn't doing so well.

Thank your for remembering that this is a tough time of the year for me, and I need all the kindness I can get.

Thank you for not pointing out the obvious and letting me know you still care anyway.

Thank you for taking the lead and asking me for a change instead of me always asking you.

Thank you for being you, because you matter so much to me.

Thank you.

This blog was inspired by a lady in a parking lot who did not say those two words when I kind of thought she would. Never underestimate the power of those two words. Bonus points--add a second to look the person in the eye and smile as you say it. That's a heart-to-heart thank you. In fact, more bonus points--find reasons to say thank you to people who do their usual for you. My guy, Lou, my hero, does SOOO many things around the house, and I appreciate it every time, but I don't always express it. Starting now--I am!

Thank you, universe, for keeping it all going.

Thank YOU, for reading this. Feel free to send it along to anyone you know who might need a reminder. :))

xo Coach Karen :)) I am always cheering you on!

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