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We all have one!

Hey Ladies!

I am working on something new in honor of.... Mother's Day. And that's what I mean by "we all have one"! We all have a mother or a whole number of mother figures in our lives who shaped us in so many ways. Whether they are still around in person or whether they live in our heads, moms and mom-like women have performed an outsize role in who we are today--not necessarily because the stories are all joyful but because the stories are profound.

So, in honor of Mother's Day which is coming right up--I have created something personalized and new for special women. I thought you might be a fit!

Who is this for and why:

Women who had a mom, who are a mom, who miss their mom, who diss their mom, who care about momming, who need to grieve it gone or celebrate it out loud or those who want to become the evolved MOMMEST version of themselves from now on.

What is this:

3 sessions of one hour group coaching meetings on Monday May 6, 13 and 20 at 6-7PM CST on zoom.

How much is this:

$188 ON paypal, venmo, zelle

Who is this NOT for:

People who don't care about Mother's Day and/or moms and whatever that means. People who don't care to share with others. Not for them either. This is a group thing, so you have to speak up. Coach Karen holds BRAVE space for everyone, have no fear!

How do I sign up and maybe connect with you first?

Send me a message with the word: MOM, and I will follow up with you directly. Oh, and there is a bonus too!

xo Coach Karen :))

I'm a mom too.

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