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Get Out of Your Own Way... Only IF

If--you care--and that's a big IF--you then act. You choose. You decide. You make a move. You let go of nuisances. You try again. You refuse refuse refuse to be discouraged even when things are harder than you'd like, take longer than you'd hoped and seem out of reach.

I have been coaching on change behavior for over eighteen years, and in that time, it has become very clear to me that the number one predictor of success in ANYTHING is desire. It's not difficulty. If you truly want something, then regardless of the obstacles that come in your path (and they will) you do not stop pursuing your goals. On the contrary, you might dig deeper. You might ask for more help. You might reassess your approach. You might pause for a moment and regroup. What you DO NOT DO is give up.

It takes vision to create goals for yourself.

It takes courage to keep going when times get tough.

It takes discipline to stay on track with your habits for the long haul.

It takes humility to learn from your mistakes.

It takes wisdom to realize that maybe you set your sights on the wrong thing.

It takes kindness and abundant self compassion to let go of what is not yours and maybe never was yours to grapple with anyway.

It often takes a village of like minded people to keep you grounded.

It takes patience to manifest transformative results.

Self improvement in the form of weight loss, mindset shifting, body positivity, letting go of the past, healing yourself, becoming more of the person you want to be--is truly for people who choose it and keep finding reasons to choose it. This is not to be confused with non-stop striving, striving, striving. That is toxic and tiresome.

I can't help but notice that in my faith-we are in the Lenten season--the 40 days and 40 nights before Easter. It's a natural time to let go of nonsense--otherwise known as that which is NOT serving you. This nonsense, for lack of a better term, includes letting go of negative thoughts, refraining from trying to "fix" the past or "fix" other people, letting go of becoming frustrated with poor drivers (that's ME) I.E. whatever is getting in the way of you feeling your highest self for NOW. Let go of that excess so that there is space for what you do want more of. What does that mean? You decide. You call it out. You make it happen. IF YOU CHOOSE. It's all about YOU.

I am in your corner. Always. I do this work myself. I know what it takes, and I come to serve.

xo Coach Karen :)


I am continuing my small group coaching. There is a six week session beginning on Monday February 27-Monday April 3. We meet once a week, Monday nights, on ZOOM at 7-7:45PM CST. This is an opportunity to focus on yourself and what you want. There is incredible group support, journaling homework/funwork and accountability looping with Coach Karen. MOI! You know I BRING IT!! :))

In the last session we created personal mission statements (what does my life mean--what am I about), identified and pursued mini goals and more challenging goals (mini successes create maxi successes), opened the door to self compassion and forgiving the past (not fixing it) plus so much more. It is truly liquid gold. I am humbled as a coach to bear witness to the power in this group. It is MY life's work to help people, and you are invited.

There is space for three more people. Send me a message if you are ready to make a move.

How much does this cost? $131 for six weeks. Prepaid on Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay.

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