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I am Giving Up ... on This

Maybe you already know this--we coaches have coaches. We get coached and trained and mentored by our coaches so that we keep doing the work, creating the growth, keeping it fresh and in alignment and in check with our own life journey. When I learn new things and discover new ways of looking at life, I share it with you. And, to be clear, just because we are coaches or thought leaders or healers or creators doesn't mean we don't have our own blocks that have to get worked through. Very humbling.

I think I started my self improvement work in college. Trying to make sense of what happened to me in my life, with moving a few significant times as a family, teenage angst, family dynamics (hello-- how 'bout no). If self improvement was an industry back then, in the late 80's, I had no clue. I was just someone trying to make sense of what was mainly disappointing to me and keeping me stuck. So it was talk therapy. It was listening to the "expert" explain things. That had its place. That was helpful-ish. Then came big life. Making decisions that would change me forevaaaah and evaaah. Like marrying the wrong person. That was me. But by then (early 2000s) I knew so much more about myself and could trust myself to get out of being married to the wrong person. I didn't need an expert to break it down for me. I did need helpers to make the next phase of life work for me, though.

Through it all, I was on a hero's journey. I was working to figure it out. I was looking at what happened and what was still happening and trying to make sense of it. The behind the scenes looky-loo that told me HOW it all happened and WHY it all happened. Then--that has to be completed and over, in my mind. Now that I KNEW, it was time to ACT. It was time to boo and hoo and regret and forgive the past (or whatever you decide) and MOVE ON. Because that's how life works. It doesn't stay stuck.

Trees change every day. Only every day. Even though they look the same, they are not the same. We have the same power to change in little bursts every day, if we choose. We can also choose to stagnate like thick, opaque bodies of water that aren't moving and look like floating cancer. That's a choice.

Which brings me to a freezing cold last Monday in March when I would so like not to be in my winter coat, gloves and earmuffs out walking Pippa. It is NOT to be. YET.

I decided to let go of my frustration of this annoying (to me) weather that refuses to let go of itself. Some Minnesotans call this spring. I get why they say it. However, I call this another version of overdone winter with a hesitation dance of spring not getting here. But being annoyed is not helpful to me.

You get what you focus on is one of the mantras that I share with my clients and followers ALL.THE.TIME. So, let this coach be coached on her own stuff. And so it is. And so I am.

I am encouraging you to let go of whatever you don't need in your life today. Is it a thought, a feeling, a resentment, a raging hatred, a nagging heartbreak? Give yourself a moment to let go of it. Say to yourself--NOT RIGHT NOW, SATAN. NOT TODAY, SATAN. See if it sets you free. See if you can just let those annoyances or disappointments or even heartbreaks take a rest far away from you for a while. And then, if that can happen, just notice what that does for you. Is it a help? A mini vacation from life? A mini relief?

I went to the Galleria in Edina and looked at the lovely fresh flower show they put up every year. It helped. I bought more indoor tulips. It helped. I changed my winter pillows for my lighter pillows. It helped.

If you read this far, I thank you. If these blogs help you, let me know. Share them with a friend who might benefit. I come to serve and sometimes to slay.

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