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I've Got So Much to Do... OR?

I have been going LIVE on my Karen Astromsky Coaching page on Facebook for the month of December on Tuesdays at 4PM to talk about this ho ho ho holly jolly time of year--this month of year to be exact. Throughout the years, I have found that while holiday time CAN be very merry and bright for a lot of people, it's not necessarily the case for everyone.

Here are some basic highlights of the past two weeks to set the stage for what you really want. For starters--make three short lists. Not for Santa! For you.

The first list will include three feelings you'd like to have this time of year.

The second list will include three activities/actions that you will participate in to get those feelings.

The third list is what you WILL NOT do this year. Get it off your plate so you can get back to those good things on List 1 and List 2.

Another important way to navigate the holiday time is to manage expectations. Yours specifically. Let's say for example, that you decided you want to eat healthfully most of December, but you plan to indulge on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. Then, for all the days other than the special ones I just mentioned, you stick to your regular routine. You eat at regular intervals; you do your typical meals. IF something pops up out of nowhere--let's go to the Chocolate Cafe and eat tiramisu--then you need to rethink your plan--adjust accordingly and live your life on your terms and move on. You have options. You have power. You can handle it. You can also declare that you are glad to go to the Chocolate Cafe (NO, it's not a real place--I just made it up.) but you are having tea not tiramisu. By declaring your intentions--you have created a verbal contract with yourself and your friend and the universe. You are then much more likely to carry out your plan and stick to your list--eat healthy throughout December and indulge on certain days.

If you are really flipping the script this year because of how you feel with stress, work, family dynamics, health, covid exposure, or whatever, then I recommend that you kindly let your people know this in advance. You don't have to make a big deal about it, but if everyone has been coming to your house for turkey and gifts OR you've been going there, but this year you are doing something that suits YOU so much better--announce it in a fun way--and let it be. That allows other people to manage their expectations too. Traditions are only worthwhile IF they still work for you.

Remember last year--Covid Christmas on zoom? It was a great reset for anyone who may have realized they have the power to rewrite the holidays and do it less stressfully, less expensively with less travel, sleeping on sofas, etc. Save the best of your traditions--the ones you really value--and recreate new ones so that you feel special if that is what you are looking for.

I am not unaware that some people just want the whole thing to GO AWAY. That's an ok place to be too. Holiday time can be lonely and unfulfilling for a lot of people.

Stay tuned on Facebook Live on Tuesday December 21 at 4PM when I will be sharing the worst Christmas of my life and what it taught me.

In the meantime--make those lists--check them twice--and be as naughty or nice as you'd like this holiday season. That's a gift worth giving--and receiving! ;)

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