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I Want Patience, and I Want it NOW

I was cleaning out my wallet, and I discovered a thirty year old folded up piece of Steno pad paper. On it was a list of things I wanted to do before I die. I wrote this list so long ago, so many lives ago, when I was sitting at my desk in Washington, DC. I was reading the list that the 27 year old Karen wrote. Most of what I wanted--I have accomplished. Having a family, making my parents proud, getting married (DOH-that was a mistake, though), traveling a lot, creating a lovely garden, etc. One thing on the list that really stood out was being more patient.

Someone once told me that I am not patient because no one was patient with me. That might explain why I got this way, but then what? I must have known then--thirty years ago that not being patient was getting in my way. For starters, being impatient makes you feel frustrated. Things are never moving fast "enough." Being impatient makes you feel demanding and immature, like you don't have control over your feelings. At the very least, it is not an attractive quality. I know this because when I see other people losing their patience, it bothers me.

Then comes this--if you want to be patient, then practice patience. This means practicing being at ease while you are waiting for things to unfold. That's where I find myself now. I can honestly say that with age (ahem 30 years) comes some wisdom. I can honestly slow down my fast-track impulses sometimes. I can say that I have become more patient with myself, more understanding and self compassionate which lends to being the same with other people. Life lessons learned the hard way. But I know I still have a way to go. Lou and I were in Stillwater over the weekend looking at snow sculptures, and we went to a restaurant for dinner. The service was terrible. The wait for any attention let alone drinks or food was way too long (there's my impatience again), but Lou wasn't having a problem. I was. We finally traded seats so I didn't have to watch all the mix ups going on. That made me feel a little less agitated. I clearly have more work to do.

Now, it's your turn. I am asking you to remind yourself of who you were when you were younger. What did you want? Can you remember? Did you make a list? Do you think you still want today what you wanted then? And, are there things that are still on your list of "goals" or achievements or experiences that are lying in wait? Are there more things you'd like? Write them down. Make a new list. Rethink your experiences and achievements and celebrate them again, feeling good about the life you created for yourself--remembering the people and places that helped shape you--maybe even those experiences that made you more patient. ;)

xo Coach Karen :))

People are asking, so here are the details!

MONDAY NIGHT == JANUARY 30 at 7-7:45PM is the start of my new monthly membership == LIVE GROUP COACHING on ZOOM. This is an interactive, supportive experience for coachable people who are looking to get authentic support, being seen, heard, understood. This is an opportunity to practice a guided meditation, get coached by Yours Truly, create an action plan for the week with do-able, small steps (which are precisely the ones that lead to big results), follow journal prompts and shift your mindset from scarcity (never enough/too much stress) to abundance (more space/time/opportunity) to get what I really want. We are life long learners, one and all. It is powerful when we go together.

The monthly membership is PREPAID at the introductory rate of $87 for the month. This includes four group coaching sessions (all on Monday night) and one thirty-minute private session scheduled with me for coaching, yoga, qi gong, meditation or motivational speaking for you and/or your chosen group. Membership is payable on Zelle, Venmo, PayPal or Google Pay.

The most common thing I hear from my clients is that "they couldn't have done it without me." Done what? Made progress. Found relief. Created space for themselves. Formed healthy boundaries. Shifted their mindset. Said NO to what they didn't want so they could say YES to what they did.

If you have questions, or wonder whether you are a good fit for this, send me an email. We can talk. If you know you want to join, send me an email too. I want to know to expect you and to send you the zoom link.

By the way, who is this NOT for? People who are flowing freely in their lives, love their families with no judgment, have no issues with themselves, their bodies or their minds, have no difficulties processing major life events and transitions, feel great about the post Covid world and have appropriate boundaries (UP) and practice patience with everyone no matter how long it takes to get served. LOL!

Hope to see you soon.

xo Coach Karen :))

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