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In the Spirit of the Solar Eclipse

I'll be honest. I like compliments way more than I like "constructive" criticism. At this point in life, I can take a compliment in and truly receive it. That's important because this is a part of my story. This is affirmation that I am doing a good job, that I am being appreciated, that things are going well. The other part, the "constructive" criticism part is a lot harder for me. This is where I am called out because I have an area for improvement. Even at age 58, this is still happening because there is still more to learn. It too is a part of my story.

I am never done. And neither are you. No matter how well you are doing--which is a great thing--there will always be more to learn, to read, to think, to act on. Not to be confused with life being an endless cycle of toxic positivity/self improvement, because that's not this. But those rough edges or defenses or irritations that keep coming up are actually the "constructive" criticism we can benefit from if we are open to it. Lifelong learners, one and all.

Last week, after a yoga class I was sharing this "never done" idea with a student. And she was actually relieved to hear it. The pressure is off. We don't have to rush to a false "finish line." But we do have to keep going. We do have to keep figuring things out. We do have to keep adapting. We do have to keep showing up for life and all it offers.

I missed out on seeing the solar eclipse yesterday. In Minnesota the sky was too cloudy to see anything, but it was still happening. I bring the image of that sun/moon and clouds coexisting at the same time to daily life. It's all there--whether you can see it all or not. Whether you feel it or not. Whether you believe it or not. It's still all there. I am worthy of compliments AND criticism. I am worthy of more and pulling back from too much. I am capable and still have things to learn. Just like you.

This week, take a deep breath and know that being IN IT is IT. Just like the solar eclipse, IT IS ALL HAPPENING, all the time. Your job and mine is to be ourselves, perfectly imperfect, in the mix of things knowing that we will keep going, no matter what. It may not always be lovely, but it will always be real.

xo Coach Karen :)) I am always cheering you on!

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