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It's a Both/And World--plus, an invitation

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, and normally as a yoga teacher I'd bring attention to it and create my class around it. But no! This year with all the rain, I wasn't thinking about being in the "sunlight" for a longerrrr, moister amount of time because it is so darn cloudy and rainy around here. So there I was, staying up until 1:30AM reading my book. And then I felt like I missed out on something.

To our ancient ancestors, the sky was their TV, their NETFLIX, their scroll. They were so attuned to it that they started making connections about what happens with the sun and the moon and stars. Think, Stonehenge. These people were smart. They had "green" medicine going for them. They also had other issues like hypervigilance and fear for their lives, but this blog isn't about that.

I don't want to trade my AC for living outside in the elements, or in a cave, but I do want to train my attention away from screens and scrolls and get back to nature. Even if it is rainy. I do want to make the most of summer even if it happens to be very soggy right now. I do want to bring the lightness and joy and get outdoors as much as possible and be a part of what feels real.

Every year, I make a list of summer activities that I want to prioritize. I spent the first two weeks of this summer enjoying my vacation. Now, I am focusing on farmers markets, bike rides (not in the rain) eating outdoors, sitting on patios, peach deliveries from Georgia, lots of walks around Lake Harriet, watching my garden grow, going to the Twins, wearing my sundresses and feeling a sense of lightness and ease. That's what summer is for. Even if you are retired and every day is a weekend.

Summer is the season of big heart energy, joy, bliss--no matter what age you are. Get up, get out, get going!

If you would like to enjoy yourself and your life as much as possible (who doesn't?) then this coach encourages you to make a list of what you are looking forward to. What do you want to prioritize? Even if it is getting a yard project or house project accomplished--what do you want to train your eagle eye on so that it happens by Labor Day? Little things (a trip get ice cream) or big things (a trip to Europe) or daily things (morning coffee on the screen porch or patio). Make the list on paper, in your journal. Writing it down is a psychological trick that makes it more likely to happen. Put dates on the calendar. Talk about it. Who wants to go to Gooseberry Falls? And when? (Thanks for the reminder, Jody!) Put it on the calendar so that it happens for you, with you and by you.

There is but one precious life. This one. The one you are living right now. It's a choice every day. The gratitude attitude at play--a pivot away from what you don't want and towards what you do want. So, you decide. Every day. Get in the driver's seat, with the wind in your hair, the sound of kids biking, dogs barking, the smell of barbecues or peach cobbler and the ching ching of glasses toasting your good life, your abundant life, this life.

Here's to you and this summer. Enjoy it all.

xo Coach Karen :))

PS I am hosting a free BOUNDARIES workshop on Wednesday June 26 at 4PM on ZOOM. It's for people who are looking to put a boundary UP and around.... their thoughts, their time, their food, their drinking, their scrolling nonsense on social media, their caring about certain people or things.

Who's it for? Anyone who is struggling to put a healthy boundary UP.

What can you expect? To figure out where your boundaries might be leaking your good energy. To figure out where you will put the boundary UP to save yourself AND to feel good doing it.

What should I bring? A piece of paper or your journal and pen, plus your lovely self!

I will support you! Here's the link--feel free to forward to a friend who might like to join too! All are welcome!

To catch up on my daily inspiration on boundaries on Instagram--check it out at

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