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It's Been a Minute--as in Two Months

Friends, I have thought about posting a blog every single week of these past two months, since this has been my practice for about 12 years. And then as I was recovering from my knee surgery and had lots of time to think and reflect and be frustrated by crutches as I tried not to be frustrated, I became more and more aware of a whole lot of things changing.

When I first started my blog, it was all about weight loss and weight maintenance. In fact, that might be how we connected. As I coached on those topics, I started realizing the power of mindset over matter not just for weight loss but for life. A long while ago, I never understood that you can choose your thoughts--thereby your feelings--thereby your actions. But I started realizing that very power in my own life, and I certainly wanted to coach others about it too.

I have a lot of energy, and I like to be in charge of it. When I hurt my knee a little--and then a lot--the meniscus ripped off the bone (OUCH) it was a dramatic, major setback in more ways than one. I had yoga students ask me if I would be able to handle the immobility and recovery better because I am a yogi and teach qi gong and meditation. Um, NO. I am used to feeling good in my body, not helpless. Then I had certain people talk to me about what was REALLY going on. What does a joint injury really mean? Why the knee not the elbow or the liver? So I read books about that. Louise Hay. Um, pride, ego, failure to be flexible and forgive is what I found out. Check. And then, most dramatically while I was at home, I had an "initiation" or a spiritual awakening that flooded me with compassion and forgiveness. Wait a minute...what? Who signed up for this? Apparently, I did.

When I say that I have been on a journey, I mean it. I was raised Roman Catholic, attended Catholic school for most of my growing up, back in the day where nuns were mean and hit boys. I have a lot of opinions and thoughts and shame of my own about all of it, but as my grandmother once said to my mother--don't ever let a priest interfere with your religion. AHEM! and AMEN! I have a deeply spiritual side to my growth that I have been very reluctant to share with most people because it is mixed up with a lot that I am learning about the world and consciousness and perception, but I am finding that I cannot let that be any longer. And my Coach won't let me.

I don't necessarily understand all that has been going on, but I do know that I am an irreverent, sarcastic, outspoken, deeply empathetic, stubborn, intuitive healer, coach, light worker and good witch who is here to serve. I have been given a lot of graces in this world, and there is no holding back.

YOU DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS! I know. I know. So, now it is time to unsubscribe and go on your own precious journey wherever that may take you, and I wish you well. You can stay of course, but like I said, this is not what you signed up for.

I want to thank all of you who have read these blogs and shared with me your thoughts and how you are doing. It means everything to me. From my heart to yours.

xo Coach Karen :))

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Your marvelous blog indicates there are zero comments, Karen. So here's one for all of us. THANK YOU for continuing on the amazing, insightful, confusing, miraculous spiritual journey while melding it together with experiential knowledge and personal experience. And a little bit of Yogi and Qi Gong and Weight Control. My son-in-law authored books God is My CEO and God is My Coach and others. The Greatest Coach needs a Coach Karen with a voice and all you are bundled together to inspire, help, influence as no other can. We all do appreciate you so much!

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