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It's not just for Kids

The unofficial start to summer is here, and it's time to make a plan to make the most of the next three precious months. It's not just for kids on break from school. It's for us too. Having fun, carefree experiences that make us feel good is part of our health, happiness, wellness, wellbeing strategy. It's good for the heart, mind and body.

Life gets busy, so it makes sense to spend some time thinking about how you want the summer to go. Is there something that you missed last summer, and you are determined to make it happen this summer? That's top of your list. Are there things that give you so much joy that you want them to happen more than once? Farmer's Markets? Walks at the lake? Patio dining? Rising with the sun and drinking coffee in nature? Is there a place you'd like to day trip to that would be fun. Be an explorer/tourist in your hometown. Is there a vacation destination that you'd like to go on? It's not too late to make a plan.

With your list of small things that you can do on a regular basis and bigger things that might happen weekly or monthly and maybe the biggest things that might only happen once all summer, you are guaranteed to prioritize your time. That way, no matter what might go sideways, you are bringing in more summer enjoyment to your life. This builds your happiness and your healthiness.

Last summer was really tough for me. I had my knee surgery May 2. I missed spring. I missed smelling lilacs on my bike rides. I missed walking Lake Harriet. I had a tough time at my beach vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey. I couldn't really go into the ocean for fear of a wave knocking me over. It was kind of a downer to say the least. NOT THIS SUMMER. I have already "righted" the wrongs of last summer by getting out on bike rides. We are departing for Eastern France and Western Germany today with two of the grandbabies, their parents and another grandmother. This feels like kicking the summer into high gear right away. I am so ready.

There are so many ways to take good care of yourself. HAVING FUN is one of the best ways. Enjoying yourself no matter what it is you are doing, whether it is sipping iced tea on a patio or discovering a new place, or simply watching the summer day go by with its sights and sounds, these are the makings of feeling good. When you feel good, you do good. When you feel happy, you exude happiness to others. When you are just as much a part of the summer "break" from routine (even if you are retired) as kiddos who are having a break from their school, you are living with the seasons, like our ancient ancestors did. They had no choice. They were attuned to nature and what it provided, and that gave them a sense of rhythm to their lives. They were connected to what was real.

Connect with that kid in you who wants to have fun this summer, and be a YES to what makes you happy. Be a YES to fun. Be a YES to adventure. Be a YES to slowing down. Be a YES to barefeet. Be a YES to being spontaneous. Be a YES to yourself.

I am cheering you on every step of the way!

xo Coach Karen :))

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