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Like a Bad Dream...

If anyone told me two years ago when we first started hearing about covid, that in January, 2022, we'd still be dealing with all the disruption, fatigue, lack of willing workers, great resignation and early retirements, interrupted supply chain, fear of contracting covid, needing medical care for any reason and the search for N95 masks, I would have thought no--not possible. Yet, here we are.

We are long past the initial kindness--we are all in this together--let's hope for a vaccine to come and save us phase. We are past using Zoom as the primary way to learn, work, connect, host family reunions, book club and bingo. We are past all the events that got cancelled or postponed only to be cancelled all over again. Oh--but what about going inward and using this as a global reset to slow down, stay home and appreciate your family and eating dinner together. Remember the days when people were thanking UPS drivers and Amazon delivery people? We are also past the bitter division that choice about vaccinating or not has created. We are now living with the reality that no matter how hard you tried NOT to contract covid, you might get it anyway, and hopefully if you are vaccinated, it won't be so bad.

What we are not past is LIVING with covid disruption, disappointment, depression and anxiety. This means that all and any self care techniques you have ever used--you might need to keep using. Eat healthfully. Exercise. Drink water. Limit alcohol. Focus on the positive. Write three good things in your gratitude journal. Do something for someone who has less than you. Read poetry. Get caught up in puzzles. Get outside every day. Use your meditative breath. Did you do all that too? And then what if that isn't quite cutting it--then what?

This Coach is here to say that it is OK to not enjoy this time in our shared history. It is OK to be disappointed by so many things. It is OK to be upset about the state of the world or your neighborhood. It is OK to say that you don't want to do self help/self care things because it all feels so overwhelming. It is OK to NOT BE OK. If that is where you are right now--simply acknowledge the feeling without judging it. Maybe you have more to be grateful for than others, but that doesn't change the facts. This stinks. We are so done, but covid is not done with us. This is truth. So, be gentle to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself when life feels like it takes so much more energy just to get through the day. That's a reasonable response to a crisis--and a protracted crisis at that.

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