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Move Over Big Guy, Said the Turkey

Are you getting turned off from the Christmas carols playing already? Are you feeling the heat from inflationary prices? Are you thinking that regular life is full enough before we get going on expectations about holiday expectations? Or, like me, because you are seeing all this stuff, you start thinking you are "behind" before you even get started?

Too much too soon is my opinion, but then it snowed today, and it looks like holiday time, and I am sweating a bit.

For these reasons, I created the "Not this Year, Satan" group coaching series. In case you missed it, this is your invitation.

We meet Monday nights at 7PM Central on Zoom in November and December.

The topics are: Permission, Boundaries, Self Care and Fun.

This is week 2, so we are going strong on how to create internal boundaries (to keep you focused, on task, intentional, mindful) and external boundaries (to train others how to treat you). Truth. You have to train other people how you want to be treated by creating and holding your boundary UP. Don't worry--I am here to help.

Who is this for?

People who are looking to connect with other people, in a safe space, motivated by me.

What do I have to do?

Show up on camera, bring a journal and an open mind. Participate in the active listening and think about yourself, yourself, yourself.

I am busy this time of year; isn't this one more thing?

No, this is not one more thing. This is both a step back and an invitation forward, to be intentional with your eating, your drinking, your spending, your thinking, your confidence, your happiness, your self awareness and your choices.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

No. Attend the ones you need the most help and accountability with.

How do I get in?

It's on Zoom. Here is the link.

Meeting ID: 869 3194 4677

How do I pay for donation based coaching? ($15 or $20 suggested)

You can pay at once for the entire 4 week session or week by week.

I am Karen Astromsky on Zelle and Venmo.

If you are doing great, and this is the most lovely time of the year, I am happy for you. Keep the goodwill going. It takes a village! Let me know what's keeping you focused and content.

xo Coach Karen :)

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1 Comment

No one inspires, challenges, motivates like Coach Karen does! How much her message is needed, but some of are not able to participate by Zoom at his time. So we keep reading her timely posts and remember our amazing Coach with joy!

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