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NO is a Complete Sentence

There is a term "hustle culture" which is all about glorifying being busy, getting things done, having a full to overfull schedule, always on the run, multitasking. We reward that kind of behavior in these parts. Be productive. Don't waste your time. Get things done. Even our friend, Nike, says JUST DO IT.

The downside of hustle culture is that it is counterproductive. Doing too many things leaves us depleted, exhausted, resentful, stressed, mistake-prone, cranky and unfulfilled. There is always a moving target. There is always something else you could be doing.


There are so many other options which include just saying no to requests that you think will leave you feeling depleted, exhausted, resentful, stressed, mistake-prone, cranky or unfulfilled. More is not better. More is not a service to others if it comes from an empty cup, a dark hole or a people pleaser mentality. More can actually be harmful to yourself--even toxic.

Because Covid is still in the atmosphere, and because we are still dealing with the fallout, we are still under extra stress that is not normal. Just because it has been going on so long does not make it normal. Just because we are all sick of it does not make it over. What is happening is that we don't have as much energy to give right now. TRUTH. Which is why just saying no makes so much sense for self care and sanity.

This empowering statement without excuses or explanations can free you up to do nothing. You got that right. Nothing. Hang out in your pajamas and drink coffee if you want. Read magazines or books or take a nap. Take an aimless drive and get out and check out a new park if it calls to you. Sit on a bench and watch the world, nature, people, dogs go by. Lounge around in your private space without your phone or computer. Unplug and do nothing. This is your life, and you decide what you engage in, with whom, when and where and for how long. Even if someone invites you to sit on a patio on a lovely summer day, but you feel like staying home and relaxing, you just say no. Tell your friends or family nicely--no, not right now. Ask me again sometime. Now you are free to do nothing. Now you are opened up to time and space just for you. The pause that refreshes. The space that expands to your liking. The room that you need to decompress from this world and restore.

Know that we all need this. We all benefit from this. We all have every right to this. This, your precious life on your terms. That's excellent self care that you, my friend, deserve.

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After 7 years of Lifetime attendance at WW, I gave my goodbye. It is just not the same without Karen--each time her wisdom and coaching brought forth messages such as this one. Karen is inspiring and helping in new ways now. Loved and appreciated always and remembered with joy!

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