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Play to Your Strengths

You have the goods. You are good. You were made that way. But, how many of us forget that when times get tough? Most of us. That's why reminding ourselves of this fact is so important.

I recommend that you get a journal and write down all the things you are good at. Make a list--including the fact that you might be one of those people who are good are making lists. Next, make a list of the best compliments you have ever received. Simple things like someone appreciating the bright color of your shirt--to more involved things like--you made my day. Next, go back to the list of compliments. Relive those compliments in your mind, body and heart. Really feel everything about what it was like to get the compliment. Where were you? Who said it? What happened at the time? How did you react? How did it affect your thoughts, your posture, your smile, you attitude? What was that like? You can write that story too.

This is all part of making your life feel precious. This is about reminding yourself that you are in thrival mode by choice and intention versus survival mode by default. This is about recalling your strengths especially in difficult situations so that you can face your challenges with confidence and power instead of fear. This is about showing up.

I know this is work, but this, my friends, is the best work there is because this is about you shining your bright light to world exactly the way you wish to. This is worth your intention and attention. This is part of your life story, your destiny, your "contract with the universe"--your legacy.

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