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Rituals are Routines

When life gets crazy, it is our habits, routines, rituals that come to the rescue to keep us grounded and keep us going. Which is precisely why it is so important to put them in place and stick to them when it is easy, so our "muscle memory" can kick in when times get tough.

This is so evident in the past year of worldwide upheaval. No structure, no routine, no clarity about what comes first, second. Shower today? Or...sweatpants again? It's been a rude awakening. Left to our own devices, I dare say, most of us don't do as well. We need the supports of appointments, schedules, expectations.

The chance of life getting crazy are about 100%. I have been trying to eat dinner for about an hour now. It's not ideal. It's not lovely. It's not an occasion, but I am working with someone on a project, and she is in the Philippines. A twelve hour time difference makes it very challenging. Hence, STUPID DINNER as I call it. It's not the end of the world, but it is frustrating when things don't go the way we'd prefer.

So, let's go big! How would you like your day to go? Is there an ideal time to get up (which means an ideal time to go to bed). Is there an ideal time for exercise, meals, meditation, journaling, dog walking? Is there a time limit on social media or tv watching? Is there an ideal time of the day/week to shop? Sketching out your ideal scenario, and then being the adult in the room and sticking to what you sketched is the goal. That way, when your day gets upended, you will be able to pivot and get back on track more quickly because you are not totally unmoored--you are simply off track for a MOMENT.

Sometimes your "Plan B" is the plan that gets carried out more often than Plan A. That's life, but it is not an excuse to abandon your healthy habits. Just adjust them and keep moving. Your health, your wellness--your precious life is worth it. And so are you!

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