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Social Media Can Make You Think Sometimes

I saw a cartoon post on social media about someone who had died--and went to heaven. God showed her a video (it's social media!) of her life-and all that happened in her time on earth. The woman was impressed with her herself. But only for a moment because then God showed her another version of her life--the life that could have been--the life He had in store for her. It was a much bigger, more exciting life. She had no clue.

This made me think about my life. Am I playing it safe and comfortable? Am I putting myself out into the world with my message and my mission? Are there things that I am not doing because of the risk and rejection that might come along? I know I am guilty of this sometimes. For example, I didn't write my book for a long time because I rationalized that there are so many books out there already (and I didn't want to deal with rejection). I finally had to get over myself and just do it. That took years of nonsense and procrastination that I'll never get back.

I have a coach mentor who says not to play your life small. By that she means that shrinking your ideas, yourself, your point of view, your passion into a little box so that you don't offend anyone or dare to upset the apple cart. It's a similar theme as the social media post that got me thinking.

So now that we are half-way through the year--and half-way through the summer, I am reflecting back to my bright ideas for 2022. I am looking at where I'd thought I would be by this point. I am also looking at all the surprises, stressors, events, global crises, etc. that have changed things and created detours on my path. In the past three months, I have three friends who lost their fathers. That feels different to me. It is hitting very close to home because my dad is almost 85 and has survived more than four years from his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. A medical miracle in itself, but everyone has a date with destiny.

I am also thinking about how the summer is half-way gone and half-way left. I challenge everyone I know to have a summer of fun. Be a kid again. Take a recess break. Enjoy yourself. Make a list, and make fun a priority for yourself this summer. Summer is supposed to be full of energy, outdoors, joy, connecting with nature and people, traveling, experiencing new things. I am enjoying summer's bounty in all kinds of ways.

This blog post is a friendly push to you to think of yourself and your life with no regrets. Go big not small. Get out of your own way. Do the very things that you really know will make you happy and fulfilled. Enjoy it all in the moment. Enjoy it all over again when you reflect and say--yes--I did show up for myself. Yes, I did do the right thing even if it was hard. Yes, I did refuse to give up on myself and my dreams. Then tell me all about it. I want to know.

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