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Starting Small Doesn't Sound Sexy

When babies take their first steps, parents are elated. They celebrate. They mark the milestone. They are thrilled. It's one tiny step forward that usually ends with a fall backward on the diaper butt. But what it means is so much bigger than that.

As we grow up and grow older, we don't always look at new beginnings and the tiniest of steps forward as "enough." We'd like to make a bigger mark and achieve success faster and better yet--with minimal setbacks. That wishful thinking is not realistic, and it can undermine momentum.

The truth is, one tiny step forward is the start of something new. Getting out of your comfort zone and forging a new path is courageous. Whether you are looking to get healthier, start a new job or hobby, redefine personal boundaries with family and friends or break a bad habit--this is work. This takes up space and energy, time and focus. Creating something new means you are leaving behind something that no longer serves you. That's a good thing. It just makes moving into the unknown a little scarier.

So, you start. You start exactly where you are at the very moment you realize you don't like what you've got. It doesn't have to be pretty or organized. It can be a messy start. That beginning place--like a baby's first steps is the point at which you move away from what doesn't work for you and move towards what will. That is hopeful.

The detours and pitstops along the way are part of the journey of becoming, of having more, of getting what you want. They are to be expected and endured and gotten over so that you can keep moving towards what you really want and deserve. They aren't fun, but they are so normal and predictable.

If you are on a path to something new, stay strong in your resolve to get what you want. Stay focused on your goals. Stay realistic in your approach. Give yourself credit for the baby steps that keep you moving forward. Lots of littles add up to a big, courageous move. That counts. That's worth celebrating.

We are lifelong learners, achievers, thinkers, feelers, doers. And so, we keep going.

Thank you for reading this blog. Feel free to pass it along to your friends who might benefit.

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