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Take the Best, and Leave the Rest!

I have to share that all the hype about "new year-new you" rings just not true for me. You are who you were they day before the ball dropped. At least part of you is a product of where you've been, your experiences, your family upbringing, your culture, your choices, etc. And, at least part of you is what you aspire to be--to become. This is happening all the time, though. In so many ways, we start fresh every single day. Zen Buddhists would say we start fresh every single moment.

As a coach, it's my job to motivate people to get more of what they really want. Part of this pursuit stems from knowing where they've come from. What's working? What's not working anymore. What life lessons should be kept close to inform future decisions? What should be left behind because it no longer matters?

We all have been living through a great social experiment that no one asked for--the pandemic. Like a gift that keeps on giving (NOT exactly) we continue to be challenged by new dynamics as they pertain to socializing, working, shopping, doctors' visits, going to public entertainment and transportation, etc. These new and ever-changing dynamics challenge us to reconsider our options, rewrite our priorities and behave differently. Not all of it is bad, per se, but it is an ongoing challenge no matter how you look at it.

We are in a position to reshape our lives and how we wish to lead them not just on January 1 of this year and last year--but every day. We are in a position to take the best and leave the rest. The best of what you know about yourself. The best of what you know about how you'd like to live your life. The best of what you know about your own limitations. You and I are human. We have plenty of limitations. We are in a position to let go of all the things--and I mean ALL THE THINGS that do not serve us. It is not only freeing; it is necessary to move forward.

I challenge you to consider what about your life, yourself, your beliefs, your behaviors work well for you--from 2021 or 2020 or 1980 for that matter. Keep those close. Then, consider what about your life, yourself, your beliefs, your behaviors you'd like to shift?

With this theme in mind, I am hosting a Facebook Live session on Tuesday January 4 at 4PM central on my Karen Astromsky Coaching Facebook page where I am doing a mindset cleanse meditation. It's all about taking the best and leaving the rest.

Hello to another precious moment in time.

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