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The Best Compliments

Compliments are amazing mood lifters. When someone tells you something that you haven't heard lately or seldom or maybe never--that gets me going. That fuels my tank of goodwill, and it makes me want to put myself out into the world even more, in an even bigger way.

I save compliments. Either by writing them down in my journal if they were verbal or by keeping them in my paper file if they were written, I need to know that when times get tough, I can go back and re-read what was said and get those good feelings all over again. It is so validating, and I highly recommend rereading your compliments as desired.

Because I am a coach, my job is helping people get what they want. Whether it is on the yoga mat, in their personal relationships or at the dining room table on Thanksgiving, my role is to support my clients with strategies they can use to work their way through and around and above any obstacles that are getting in their way. When I get feedback like:

"Thank you--for helping me find my spark again."

"I need some Karen."

"I am so proud of myself, and I couldn't have done it without you."

I know I am doing what I am called to do. Helping people is my superpower.

I gave you a quick preview last week, and I am adding more details now. Start thinking about having a very sane, very contented, very enjoyable November and December. No matter what the world, your job, your family, your health, the economy may bring--there are ways to come back to YOU and what you want. In my 17+ years of coaching, there was nothing like November and December to get people riled up and stressed out.

Not this year, Satan.

Here's a peak at what to expect...

Meetings on Zoom, Mondays at 7-7:45PM OR Thursdays at 10-10:45AM (Pick one)

Week 1: Permission-- Practice how to give yourself permission to do or not do what you wish. Shift your mood from "I can't NOT host the holidays because everyone expects it." to "I can host the holidays and delegate most of the work!"

Week 2: Boundaries-- UP is where they go. Where are yours? Putting boundaries UP and around your time, energy, interest means everything this time of year. Because you already gave yourself PERMISSION in Week 1 to do or not do certain things, you will be creating strategies around those boundaries to keep you safe and sane.

Week 3: Self Care-- Discover new ways to take care of your heart, mind and body even when times are hectic or the weather is funky or you are just feeling too much. Say yes to taking good care of yourself so you feel aligned, every day with what you are thinking, feeling and doing.

Week 4: Fun-- What sounds like fun to you? Going out and socializing? Staying in with Netflix? Starting a new hobby or class? Looking through old photo albums? It's what YOU want. It's what makes YOU happy. It's what brings YOU joy. There is no good health without happiness and FUN. Dream big here.

There will be journaling, strategizing, goal setting, uh-oh it all fell apart now what? back up planning, guided meditation and my straight forward candid, no excuses humor to wrap it up.

Where do I sign up? With me, friend. Send me a DM or an email, and I will send you the zoom link.

How much does it cost? I want to sign up now. This is donation based. (Suggested donation $15-$20) per weekly session.

How do I pay you? On Zelle, Venmo, PayPal or even by paper checks in the mail.

What if I can't come to all of the sessions? Come to the ones you can. They build on each other, but they also work standing alone. The topics are timeless. So is the work.

Do I always have to go to Mondays or always to Thursdays? No, you pick which one you want to attend each week. It's not supposed to stress you.

What if I still have more questions? Send me a message. Book a coffee chat, and I can talk it over with you.

Is this right for me if my life is perfect, my family behaves well and I have no stress? NO, this is not right for you. This is for real people who are honestly trying to figure things out and get the most out of November and December and feel good about themselves while they do it.

I am here to serve with coaching, support and sarcastic, self deprecating humor. :))

xo Coach Karen :))

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