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The Messy Middle

The messy middle is that spot between where we were--and where we'd like to be. There is so much excitement at the start of something new. The fact is that simply by deciding to take action on something that you are thinking about is a thrill unto itself. The thrill of the purchase of new shoes or new clothes IS the change. It IS the excitement. Once you wear those shoes and clothes, the thrill is gone, and the magic of that change diminishes.

There is also a lot of glory at the finish line. You did it! You ran the 5K, the 10K, the half marathon, the marathon, the triathlon... figuratively or literally. The excitement and rush of the finish line is photo worthy. There's a medal to mark the occasion at the end of road races. That's sexy too. It's a tangible reminder, anchor to that moment that you get to hold forever. (I still have my medal from running the Paris Marathon in 2011 next to my desk.) Once upon a time, all you had was a germ of a dream--and now the glory of the big finish. Accomplishment.

Which brings me to the messy middle. The part of the journey that is neither thrilling (the dream) nor exciting (finish line) is the WOOOORRRRRK! The very hard work that it takes to simply keep going is the real struggle. The mind game, the frustration of minor OR major setbacks, the monotony of being consistent, the lack of support or cheerleading from friends and family, the depths of despair and second guessing yourself all make the middle space very messy.

This is where giving yourself credit for what you have done matters.

You are NOT where you used to be. You are on the road. That's a win.

This is where reminding yourself why it is important to continue doing the work. You want what you want. You deserve to have what you want.

The Law of Attraction says you attract what you ARE. Therefore, you have to believe you are worthy of your dreams to realize your dreams. (Some people say if you think you can, you are right--if you think you can't, you're right. Law of Attraction)

You have to keep your eyes on the prize.

You want what matters to you in your heart. That makes this pursuit worth your effort, time, energy.

No one likes to talk about the hard work, courage, determination, discipline, patience, sheer force of will AND ability to pivot--that it takes to pursue your dreams. It's not fun to deal with--frustration, set backs, learnings, yet it is so normal, predictable and part of the process of becoming more of WHO you ARE BECOMING. So I am talking about it. I am reminding you that whether you are looking for weight loss, self improvement, a better job, improving your pickle ball game or being a better friend to YOURSELF, there will be a messy middle along the road to getting what you want and deserve. In that messy middle you are going to have to keep choosing YOU.

I've been recovering from a meniscus root repair surgery. I am half way (I HOPE) through the no-weight bearing, on crutches, wearing a heavy immobilizer 24/7 period. I am just at the start of what will be a long rehabilitation for this knee. I am experiencing all the messy middle feelings. It's not fun to talk about or to dwell on. Yet, I know there is NOTHING I can do to skip this phase. I can't jump to the end point where I graduate from crutches and pain and immobility. I have to go through, slowly, the hard way. So normal, so predictable, so boring.

This blog is a reminder to you to take good care of yourself when it's easy and to take good care of yourself when it's hard. Lean on your friends, your family, your community, your coaches, your faith, your higher angels to get where you want to go. Let others help you. Tell them you need a boost--a call, a text. Tell them what you've accomplished and need a round of applause. Give yourself the credit for getting this far BECAUSE you have have done the hard work, over and over again. It's part of everyone's life. Then let it be.

Thanks for reading this far. I am here to serve.

Xo Coach Karen :)) always in your corner

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