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The Season is Changing--Are You?

When those precious three months of Minnesota summer are over--and the temperature takes a dive (30 degrees lower since yesterday) I can't help but notice, change is IN the air. I am not one to rush the end of summer because there will be plenty of hot, sunny days ahead, but September spells CHANGE ever since we were little kids going back to school.

With that in mind, I am asking myself--and you too, what needs to change? Simple things, like getting rid of clothes you want to donate? Check, I did that. Or, more involved things, like rethinking your use of time. GULP. (I have spent way too much time with Forensic Files and murder mysteries, truth be told.) Or, even more involved things, like who has access to you, your time and your energy? That's really big.

If your life is going great, and you are in the flow of all good things, then enjoy it, and start smelling pumpkin spice with abandon. But, if your life is getting a little itchy, and you are looking, wondering, hoping for something more, here are a few ideas to consider.

Imagine this:

What matters the most to you now? Goals? Pursuits? Relationships? (losing weight, normalizing weight, improving fitness, starting a new hobby, joining a club)

Who matters most to you now? (family, friends, neighbors in need)

Declare this:

How will you spend your time on what/who matters to you most? Which activities, creative endeavors, outings, trips will you engage in so that you spend your time where it really counts?

Create this:

What are some specific short term and long terms goals you can set for yourself so that the next month, end of calendar year, end of next year you can create so that your life looks exactly like what you said you wanted it to. It's based in what you really care about--and the people who really matter to you.

There's no pressure to push yourself unless you want more than what you have. But wanting is NOT getting. If you truly want more for yourself, then allow yourself to dream of darling little changes and big, bold juicy ones. Give yourself time to step outside of your comfort zone and step into the next season of the meteorological year, and maybe the next season of your own personal development and life story--the one where you are getting exactly what you want because you are so clear about what matters to you most. That is what you deserve. That is worth your time and attention. That is where your happiness and fulfillment will come from.

xo Coach Karen :)) always here to serve

Friends, I have heard from several people who would like expert advice, support and accountability through a weekly group coaching regarding weight loss and weight maintenance. I have Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal subscribers, Mayo Clinic diet followers and Noomers on board. Let me know by email if this is something you are interested in. This would likely be on a Saturday morning, on Zoom, at 8AM for 30 minutes with a new topic every week. This would be a monthly prepaid subscription with details to follow. I am gauging feedback for an October start. :))

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