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What's Stopping YOU?

What's holding you back from getting what you want? Something that you have wanted for a long time? Something that means a lot to you?

Is it the beginning part? Just getting started? Is it the middle? Persevering through difficulty and setbacks? Is it the final push that comes at the end? The end is in feels like too much?

It's our mind that tells us things. The mind wants to be right. We want to believe what we think. Unfortunately, sometimes we let the past determine our present. For example, if didn't work before, it won't work now. That kind of thinking will keep you stuck. Without that first crucial step outside your comfort zone into the great unknown begins with the first step.

Any time you are pursuing something big--it's work! Work can be hard. It's known to be very hard at times. Understatement! But that doesn't mean it's "not" working. Ask anyone who has been successful in achieving big goals--they will tell you what it took to persevere, stay focused, beat challenges and press on.

The middle of pursuing a dream is the looooongest part. I am remembering the three months of training I did years ago to run two marathons. Training started because I had a dream and a goal. All those training runs through sore legs, bad weather, negative self talk and pushing past my limits were marked by sheer perseverance. I just kept going and and going and going and trusted the process.

Getting across the finish line either literally or figuratively takes gumption. Getting to that point means that you refused to give up on yourself even though it was hard. The accomplishment, the joy, the self satisfaction were earned the hard way, and you get to own it. Victory! How sweet it is.

When you consider a goal you'd like to achieve, no matter how big or small, take note of what your mind is telling you. Are you staying stuck out of fear of failure/success/perceived difficulty? Take a baby step. Just start. Tell someone if that provides more support and accountability. Then, get going! Trust the process. Find a buddy. Get a helper or a cheerleader. Consult an expert. Make an actionable plan. Decide that you will not let setbacks (to be expected) defeat you. Keep going and going and going. Give yourself credit for wins along the way. And finally, when you do get what you wanted--enjoy it! OWN IT! You did it not because it was easy. Even though it was hard, it was what you really wanted.

The past two pandemic years were a stark reminder that the future is not promised. Let that be a gentle nudge in the direction of you achieving your dreams. You deserve the life you want to live. The time is now.

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