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What to Leave In--What to Leave Out

On this cold and very wintery day in Minnesota "spring" I am reminded that no matter how badly I would like nature to move along--sunny skies, warmer temps, blossoming trees, I cannot force the river, as we say in Qi Gong. And yet, I'd like to move along with spring rituals anyway like spring cleaning. So, despite wearing boots and my winter coat (STIIILLLLL), I am getting rid of that which no longer serves me.

I was inspired by a talk I was listening to in my coach/mentoring group about feng shui, Chinese traditional practice which uses energy forces to harmonize people with their environment.

Basically, how do you feel based on what surrounds you? Bright colors feel cheery. Pictures of nature feel calming. A cleared out medicine cabinet that only has things that are useful to you now and not expired feels refreshed. I am starting out small with one dresser drawer at a time. I am making the piles: 1) Donate 2) Discard. I did clear out the bathroom cabinets because I just noticed long overdue expiration dates. No wonder why my sinus spray isn't working. I got rid of an old retainer case housing a broken retainer that was labeled with my once married last name on it. (Talk about bad energy!)

By doing something as simple as this, you create something much more profound. You lighten the load, figuratively and literally. If every time you open a drawer and find socks that don't have matches, it is annoying. That annoying energy is taking away from your good feelings. Even though it's a minor bother, it still detracts. Think of the straw that broke the camel's back.

I am not letting myself get overwhelmed. One small area, drawer, bottom of the closet at a time is enough. Let it be enough. The work will wait for you. And, little by little, you might find that you have room to tackle something a little harder to get rid of... negative thoughts that keep you from feeling your best and therefore doing your best.

Think like a child who is seeing a new season for the very first time. While you have seen many springs before, you haven't seen this one. What is different? What would you like to feel different? What are you looking forward to leaving behind? What do you have to look forward to? Sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings? Treat yourself to a list of what you are keeping and what you are discarding and notice why and how it makes you feel.

This mindset work can be tricky. Our minds can work like pretzel logic to get us to think we are doing the right thing. The mind wants to be right. But, when you pull back the layers and really treat yourself to a deep think (as the Brits say) you might notice you can unburden your mind (and therefore your body) from some things that are holding you back and making you feel stuck.

To spring into a new season (pun intended :)) we have to leave behind what is done. Winter has lived its best life--now it's just stupid. Clothes that I once enjoyed that I never wear can go elsewhere without me. Thoughts that have kept me from moving forward, stepping into my NOW POWER can be gone.

What will you do to hop into a spring mindset? A growth mindset? A fresh start? Let me know. If you need more coaching around this topic, send me a message. We can schedule a coffee chat (no obligation) to figure out what's what to getting you back in the driver's seat of your life.

Join me on Wednesdays at 4PM Central on Facebook for a LIVE coaching about a new mindset shifting topic every week. Next week--it's about YOUR STORY of what came before and what is coming to you now.

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