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Why are YOU Here?

It's a question that creates a flurry of other questions. Some people call it your purpose. Some people call it your calling. Some people call it your job. No matter what YOU call it, when you slow down long enough to ask yourself these "deep, inner-meaning" questions, you get clarity. Your life itself becomes more meaningful. The little things don't seem so little anymore.

I was not always--but very often--a journaler. I wrote in my "diary" in cursive handwriting about the thoughts and feelings I had from my teen years. I have volumes. I don't reread them. The act of journaling itself is where the wisdom lies. However, there was one time in my life that I purposely refused to journal--when my daughter was critically ill. I did not want to remember the experience. I did not want to chronicle it. I did not want to put it down on paper because I felt that would make it more permanent and more real. Go figure!

Because I do journal and highly recommend it to you--and because I just did a similar exercise with my group coaching clients, I am going to give you two prompts to consider the next time you want to reflect about where you are in your life and why you are here.

1) What would my life be like if I knew I was always being guided?

2) What would I do differently if I knew that no matter what--I was in the right place?

Staying connected to your "heart's desire" and what brings you joy, makes your life feel meaningful, gives you reason to change, strive or relax into yourself is what makes the things you do matter. It sets the tone for your other relationships. How you treat yourself is how you treat the world. What you expect of yourself is what you attract and expect of the world. From the simplest way you start your day, by setting an intention to writing it down (that's journaling)--to checking in with your follow through at the end of the day--makes even the most mundane day in February matter. Just like you.

xo Coach Karen :)) always in your corner

PS Thanks for reading these blogs--feel free to share them or send me comments--always glad to connect with you and hear what you have to say...

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