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You are Not an Imposter


Imposter syndrome is a killer when it comes to living your life fully. No, this is not you impersonating an astronaut and going up in a space shuttle. This is you failing to show up for things in your life that mean something to you because you are afraid you don't measure up. You are afraid that other people are more qualified to speak up, share their opinions, ask questions. You don't even try something new because the dread of looking silly doing it, keeps you from trying in the first place.

If I ask myself this question--do I suffer from Imposter Syndrome, I am going to say no. However, when I look at my history, I have to say that yes, unfortunately, there are jobs I didn't apply for because I decided ahead of time that I wouldn't get picked. That's Imposter Syndrome. There are times when I was a student that I didn't raise my hand, because I was more concerned whether I was wrong instead of whether I was right.

That makes me sad. For years I did not write my book because I figured NO ONE would want to read it, because I share a lot of the same coaching tips that other coaches do. The themes are already out there. But, hey--no one shares them the exact way I do. How many years did I waste grappling over that?

If this pandemic crisis has done anything to change the way we live, view the world and our shared humanity--it has taught us that we are all vulnerable and all in it together. It has taken us into people's homes on zoom. We have heard babies crying, dogs barking and the doorbell ringing while trying to work. In some ways, I think it has exposed a side of ourselves to others that we may have kept hidden. This is a good thing because it enables us to see ourselves in others and realize that we all share the human condition. The "survival of the fittest" isn't necessarily lovely, and it certainly isn't fair, but we are all in the race because we care about ourselves, our families, our health, our financial stability, our wellbeing, our survival. Same/same all across the globe.

So, with that in mind, bring your heart forward and open up yourself and your life to the possibilities that are borne of knowing that your unique life is special, that you are worthy, that what you have to say and how you feel matters. You count. You always did. So take up that space in your heart, mind and body and show up as you are.

I will be so happy to meet you in that light.

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