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Are you in Partnership WITH?

The best things in life happen WITH you--as in YOU are in charge of creating, co-creating, setting intention, lining things up, manifesting what you want WITH .... other people? the abundant universe? your bank account? your vision board? your prayers? your affirmations? your dreams? This starts with you, internally.

On the other hand, some awful things happen TO you, FOR you, or THROUGH you. That's external, coming at you by way of experiences or hardships (think being let go at your job) or trauma (getting robbed). If a hardship happens TO you, that makes you a victim. If it happens FOR you, that might make you a survivor with a life lesson to learn. If it processes THROUGH you, you've earned your way to THRIVER status even if you didn't want that award to begin with.

Often we think life is random, and things just happen out of no where. I don't agree with that. As often as people say that we aren't really IN CONTROL--that CONTROL is a myth, the fact is you get to decide a lot of things for yourself. For starters, you decide how you want to feel. You decide if you want to respond (thumbs up! give it a like! delete this blog!). You decide what you are going to do based on how you feel.

When we say that life is just random, we give away too much power and quit participating in our own happiness. We give away our agency, and that diminishes our lives and makes us feel bad. Whether control is an illusion, or whether you think you have some control over your life and your day or your destiny, YOU DO. What you believe to be true (your perception) is your reality.

There is a lot of talk in the coaching world about abundance as opposed to scarcity. Another way of looking at this is through the gratitude mindset. If you are grateful for what you do have, you will always have MORE.

It takes energy to cultivate an abundance mindset. It takes courage not to fall into despair when things go wrong (to you) through no fault of your own. We've all been there. However, in order to graduate from the victim point of view to the survivor point of view to the thriver point of view--you get to make a choice. That's your control. That's when you partner with the abundant universe and say that the next thing that happens will happen WITH me. I will decide. I will choose. Then, expect good things. Expect to find solutions, people, new ideas to partner WITH you. Invite a sense of ease into your thoughts so that what you want is exactly what you are thinking about most of the time. It's happening WITH you and all the good energy you are generating.

This is not magical thinking. If I just think about winning the lottery, it will happen. This is about setting yourself up to experience, enjoy and ultimately manifest what your heart's desire speaks to you.

I don't believe life is random. I don't believe that good luck is only for certain people. I don't believe some people are born to suffer and be miserable. I do believe we have to be active participants and partners in our destiny. We must think it first, focus on it, set ourselves up for it, partner with... someone/thing to get what we want and do the work it takes and then let the abundant universe deliver. That's called being in the flow. Like kids at recess--they don't want to be anywhere else--we too get to experience those feelings of being taken on a great ride, at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, feeling fabulous.

This week, focus on marrying your own unique sense of abundance WITH the abundant universe to get what you want. Set yourself up for it. Think about it. Believe in it. See it in your mind. Journal about it. Then do what it takes to get it. Be active. Then enjoy it when it happens.

xo Coach Karen :)) always in your corner

P.S. If you are stuck in finding your way to abundance or experiencing life as a thriver, send me a message, and we can book a coffee chat. You deserve it.

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