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Catchy Word or Phrase that Moves You?

Do you have a catchy word or phrase that reminds you that you can keep going? A word or phrase or even a sound that can focus your concentration is super helpful when you doubt your abilities or get lost in the weeds of life, so to speak.

These words or phrases or sounds are called mantras, but they aren't just for yogis and meditators. They work for everyday life in every day ways. You have probably been using them your whole life.

When my Natalie went to Pre-School oh-so-long ago, she was always crying when I left her (she was 3-4). Her teacher said to her "Mommy always comes back." That was a mantra, because it was a repeatable reminder to Natalie (and all the other kids) that she wasn't left behind permanently. It was enough to get her over the hump of the transition to being in the classroom. (Almost every single day!) And, she kept repeating it to herself and to the other kids who were a little teary too.

Some people like to print their mantras on shirts on wall art or even sticky notes on the refrigerator that remind them they can keep going. We need these reminders, because when times get tough, we often go to the dark side--frustration and giving up. At my gym they have mantras stenciled on the walls for inspiration. Sometimes the coach even shouts out a quick reminder to get people motivated--things like "You can do anything for one minute." Good to be reminded while I was sweating away on the dreadmill at elevation Kilamanjaro.

My favorite mantra is:

You are always enough.

You always were.

You always will be.

You are equal to the moment.

There are lots of ways to train your mindset on progress not perfection (another one). This is just one of them. I did a YouTube video about mantras on Monday and even mentioned a childhood book of inspiration--you might have heard of it? The Little Engine that Could had its own mantra: "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. .... Ah...I thought I could.

What is your favorite mantra to get through? Let me know. I have heard some good ones this week.

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