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Expand Your Bubble

Life is tough on the road to tougher, and no one wants to think about it, but everyone gets to feel it. It sneaks up on you in tiny ways--oh so many--until the straw that broke the camel's back sends you into a tailspin. Not ok for you or the others in your orbit. I am no doomsayer, nor am I the bearer of bad news. Instead, I am the coach to the rescue with my own way of thinking about how you relate to yourself and to the world. I've been talking to my yoga and qi gong students like this, and now you are hearing it too.

For a long time, I used to post the quote "Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi. Then I started using the quote "Be the qi you want to see in the world." Astromsky. My quote, based on Gandhi's quote speaks to the theme of energy that circulates all around you. For example, the words you speak--the actions you take--the places you go--the foods you eat--the news you do/not read and listen to...these are all examples of the kind of energy you get and the energy you give. It's a yin/yang riddle. Giving and getting. Sun rising/setting. Day/night.

That's the background. Now for the juicy part so that you can show up for yourself with LESS stress and not have a melt down.

Imagine for a moment that the bubble of energy around you is bright and light and radiating your heart-felt wishes (fulfillment), your clear mindset (intention, reflection) and was sensing your physical body (how are you now?). Imagine that you felt that this bright and light bubble was protective. It was equally capable of keeping the bad stuff out as it preserved the good energy within. Think of a protective and invisible armor. Now imagine that you have to go to the dentist or pharmacy or DMV or covid testing site or airport. You know there is going to be A LOT to deal with, i.e. people, stressors, prices, disappointment, lack of goods/services/staffing. Those disappointments create micro-tears in your bubble, but nothing more. Just a puff of your good energy, your good qi might leak, but your bubble is NOT deflating. In fact, because you are so mindful and aware of what is happening, you know what to do. Take a deep intentional breath. Look away. Calm yourself by taking a reality check. Walk away. Pray for yourself and everyone else who is having a rough time. Listen to music. Snuggle your pet. Exercise. Sit on a park bench in front of a lake. Gaze at nature. Practice any other self care habits like drinking lots of water, eating good foods, journaling, napping, counting your three good things, reading your thank you notes file (yes, I have a file for them). Those self care habits repair any micro-tears in your bubble, so that you can keep going. Now, your bubble is even more bouncy than before. Then repeat.

This is my best coach's advice for living your life, on your terms, without losing yourself in what is not serving you.

Stay tuned for more on this topic as I develop my Mindset Gym group coaching program. I am here to serve.

xo Coach Karen :))

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