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How's It Been Coping...?

Hey Friends,

What's the difference between Covid stress and "regular" stress? Covid stress is worse because it keeps going. Covid stress has real life or death implications. Covid stress affects every single person in the entire world.

So, if you are finding yourself distracted, finding it harder to concentrate or to get up the energy to just run your day, you are NOT alone. It's a lot to keep coping with change that keeps happening.

I know that I had to work up the energy to face CVS for the second time with a prescription that got messed up. No joke. I drove past CVS one day knowing that I did not have the energy to be disappointed. Whoah. It's fragile.

GRACE! Grace space. Grace kindness.

PATIENCE! With yourself and others.

KINDNESS! To yourself and others.

GENTLENESS! To your heart, mind and body.

I did a YouTube video about this topic, and here is the link if you care to check it out.

Be happy! Be healthy!

Coach Karen

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