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Imposter Syndrome: Are You Faking It?

You are going to learn about what imposter syndrome really is and how it has been affecting you and how you show up in your life. #impostersyndrome

25-30% of high achievers suffer from imposter syndrome. People like Maya Angelou and maybe you too?

Imposter syndrome:

#1: You don't feel like you measure up

#2: Others are better than you--more qualified

#3: You're a faker--and you don't deserve to be here

The downside of Imposter Syndrome: You stay in the background of your life and are imprisoned by your fears.

You may have life experiences that have led to this moment--these feelings of not measuring up, and coincidentally the more success you have, the more imposter syndrome feelings you may experience--HOWEVER, now is the time to change. You don't have to hold fast to your fears about not being enough. You and I both know people who have done FAR LESS in their lives.

You are YOU! As a product of experiences, people, places, you are capable of coming out from the shadows of your life because you simply choose to. You want to. You plan to. The first time, yes, it's different--it's a struggle, but after you prove to yourself you CAN do it, you can keep going.

Watch the full video for the full scoop and let me know what you think.

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