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It's Never too Late to...


Last week I gathered wonderful people in this community on Zoom, and we talked about DESIRES (not resolutions) and routines that support those desires, along with goals which keep you feeling successful so that your life, your one precious life feels fulfilling, meaningful and intentional.

Your heart's desire, the thing that lights you up, makes you feel like your are in charge of YOU, that connects to who you are now, with years of wisdom and life experience is what matters. I heard people talking about peace, health, strength, no more second guessing themselves, weight loss and body image.

Life has a way of knocking us around. I spent most of last year dealing with physical problems that literally and figuratively slowed me down. I wasn't happy about any of it. I was stubborn, as usual, feeling like I "should" be able to keep going. I "should" be able to do what I always did. Guess what? I got a totally different message delivered to me loud and clear, by two different physical therapists and a year's worth of medical appointments and physical challenges.

DESIRES, even deeply held heart's desires change as we evolve. It's not a bad thing. It's a normal thing. Being open to consider what's important and worth the effort (YOU ARE) is everything. Being humble and honest enough to say that you are not done--not dead--not finished with making the very most of your precious life is courageous.

There's always more work to be done, and going together makes the most sense. We need the accountability, the coaching, the reflection and the almighty power of the group to keep us on track. If you are looking for more, and you are ready to get going--starting with that powerful heart's desire, then I am here for you. I am here to help you to dream BIG--as BIG as the life you want to lead! We start at the mountain top and work our way down!

Every Thursday night from January 25-Thursday March 14, we will meet on Zoom at 7PM central. Questions about this? I'll be answering them this Thursday January 18 at 7PM on Zoom. If you want to privately email me with your questions--go ahead!

Meeting ID: 841 2922 5442

$188 for the 8 week group coaching session. Payable by Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Apple Pay.

I am here for you! See you soon.

xo Coach Karen :))

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