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It's Your Life, That's Why It Matters

In the photo above, what do you see? Or, shall I say what is it in your mind that sees what exactly in this photo? It depends--on what your mind is full of.

As a coach in behavior change, I truly believe that mindset is everything. What you think determines how you feel and then that determines what you do. The cycle repeats nonstop and not ironically, mindlessly. Whatever you focus on, you add energy to, and that energy becomes your reality. Other platitudes--if you think you can, you're right--if you think you can't you are right? Who is right? The one who believes.

Believe! This reminds me of the Ted Lasso series from Apple TV. Ted, the uber-positive American football coach who went to London to coach British football (aka soccer) as a joke unbeknownst to him. He had an uphill battle with a team of underperforming athletes. His put a small poster with the word "Believe" above his office door. It was his trademark mindset that no matter what setbacks, losses and failures came his way, he chose to hold on to a positive mindset. I am not saying that having a positive mindset is magic. Just believe you can and you will...sometimes, but not exactly. I am saying that the energy you put into something when you do have a positive mindset is what creates and builds success.

Using the power of your own mind to dismiss unhelpful thoughts and refocus on more positive thoughts is what saves the day. It's not pretending. It's carving a more sustaining pathway in your brain (neuroplasticity) that saves the day.

Our minds are tricky and not keeping up with the times! The brain itself is hardwired for survival. It is trained to connect dots, perceive threats and take action. That worked for our ancient ancestors, but in modern times, it actually keeps us distracted and scatters our energy.

May is Mental Health Month. Everyone is in on this. This is another silver lining of the pandemic. We all need to pay attention to our mental wellness or wellbeing just as much as our physical wellness or wellbeing. It's normal to eat, exercise, sleep, drink water, go to medical check ups to take care of our bodies. When it comes to taking care of our minds, we have to pay daily attention too. The body/mind connection is powerful. The body speaks the mind. The body keeps score on the mind.

So, what does it mean for you? Train your brain--to shift your mindset--to choose what you want to give more life to--so that you can be as mentally healthy as you wish to be.

Keep a gratitude journal. Save thank you notes and reread them. Practice meditation.

Spend time in nature observing with all your senses. Tune out of devices for a specific time each day. All of these are examples mindset training which is a life long practice of taking good care of you because your life matters! That's why.

Join me on Wednesdays at 4PM on Facebook at my KarenAstromskyCoaching page--when I go LIVE with the most asked questions I get from you.

If you are interested in being part of group coaching cohort for mindset training, or you know someone who could benefit from a shared LIVE ZOOM experience, let me know. I am gauging interest and creating something new--Mindset Gym! :)

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