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Journaling Irony

This week I have been talking about journaling and how powerful it can be for your health, your self, your mindset shifting, your goal setting and achieving, reducing stress, etc. Yes, this is all proven to be true. It's not lying around gazing at the ceiling wondering what you should write about it. It's serious business. By writing things down (and maybe even adding images) intention and creativity can grow. This adds depth and meaning to your life.

Famous people throughout history have journaled to make sense of their lives including artists, inventors, scientists, thinkers. Albert Einstein, Leonardo daVinci, Frida Kahlo. Marie Curie... people like you and me who want more.

The hardest part of journaling is being accountable to the task. Making it a ritual or a routine at the same time every day, attached to something that you already do (drinking your morning coffee or taking a mid-afternoon break) can make it more likely to happen.

Take a look at the video I recorded for you about journaling for ideas to give your precious life more intention, attention, happiness, gratitude and fun. Yes, more fun!

And what is so ironic you might ask? After I recorded my journaling video, my 20 year old daughter, Natalie, came home from therapy and said that her therapist told her to buy a journal and start writing. Oh? Really? What a good idea. Too bad I didn't recommend that to her--a hundred times...

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