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Listen to YOURSELF

There are times when getting an outside opinion makes a lot of sense--like when we are too close to a problem or a complicated situation to see it clearly. There are times when we are so stuck inside our heads, listening to our "inner critic" that we can't find our way out. For times like that, it makes sense to consult a trusted advisor or even naysayer who can play devil's advocate. A set of fresh eyes.

Then there are other times, when you know exactly who you are, what you need and where you need to refocus your attention. Truth! You know yourself better than anyone else ever will. You live with yourself every single minute.

You are truly the expert on you.

Years ago when I did weight loss coaching, I often had people come to the scale, and I would innocently and honestly ask them how they were doing. They would sometimes say--you tell me. I had NO idea how they were doing. That number on the scale--it could mean anything. Going up a bit might be a good thing--they were expecting to go up a lot more. Going down might be a bad thing--they just lost their dog of 15 years and are grieving and haven't eaten or gone to work in a week.

We can never expect someone else to know us better than we know ourselves. That's asking too much. We can expect other people to know about specialized things that we don't. For example, I expect the surgeon who is operating on my knee next week to know ALL ABOUT IT and be very EXPERT at IT. But for the things in your mind, that you may carry heavily in your heart, it is YOU who knows the most.

Trust your power over yourself. Trust your power over your thoughts. Trust your power to know yourself better than anyone else ever will. And then, trust yourself to always, always, always be true to you in thoughts, feelings and actions.

xo Coach Karen :))

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