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Responsibility's best friend...

Integrity! That's responsibility's best friend. Without integrity--and the honesty and uprightness that travels with it, responsibility can feel like a burden or another to do on a long list of obligations.

I was talking to my good friend, Jeanne, about this last week. Jeanne is a deep thinker, and she seeks answers and meaning to life's interesting twists and turns. She declared that we all have a personal responsibility to ourselves to take good care of ourselves, and it's never going away. Yes, I couldn't agree more. It's our J. O. B. on a daily basis to eat well, hydrate, maintain good sleep hygiene, manage stress and move the body. That's right--every day these are some of the things we do "mostly right" most of the time, or--suffer the consequences of falling down on ourselves.

That's when your integrity comes in. Having the backbone that says show up for yourself is everything. It determines your character. It makes you believable (first and foremost to yourself). It means that you can count on YOU to do the thing. It doesn't mean it's easy, but it does mean that it is worthwhile.

So ask yourself--are you showing up the way you'd like to be in your one, precious life? Is this a responsibility? Is it a meditation? Is it an act of self care and self preservation? Is it a thankless job? Is it part of the fabric of your character that you do the things that are important to you--because that's who you are and that's how you are determined to present yourself to yourself and your family and the bigger world?

There is no time like the present to take charge. In fact, power lives in the present moment. You can't undo the past, so let it go. You can't leap to the future, so get back here--and now...and be in this moment. Decide how you'd like to be. Then take that step in the direction of your personal responsibility and your integrity. It will feel like a hug, a coming home to yourself and the version of you that soars. You are worth the effort.

I am always cheering you on. Every step of the way! Share this with a friend who needs the reminder!

xo Coach Karen :))

PS I have an exciting masterclass that I've been working on about clarity and finding your powerful purpose for the next stage of life--whatever that may be. Stay tuned! Sign ups coming. Tuesday March 12 at 4PM central on zoom. I can't wait to see you there!


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