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What's SO SO Wrong with the HYPE?

Friends! You know that as a coach for over eighteen years, I am here to serve. Also, as a coach, I do my own homework by getting coached myself. I do challenges and journaling and goal-setting through big picture dreams, down to details and deadlines down to small action steps, down to visualization. I have my mentors. I have my fellow coaches. I do all the things. I even take my own advice when I get in my own way. "Knock it off" is a familiar retort you may have heard from me, and I say it to myself sometimes.

Also, as a coach I see the conflicting self help messages that are out there. Three easy steps to getting the life you want... Five ways to get out of debt starting now. How to makeover your home in a weekend for $1K. How I lost 30 pounds by cold plunging... and so on. But what if you get caught up in a "promise" and wonder why you can't be the one to lose 20 pounds in two months or create a healthy mindset (while your life is extra challenging) or start meditating for two hours a day before you get out of bed?

Let's set the record straight. As often as I see someone say--do this--this way, I see just as many "coaches" or "influencers" recommend doing the exact opposite. So which is it? That's where the truth lies. That's where the work lies. That's where you being the expert on you has to show up and decide. And, refrain from getting in your own way. People often exclaim to me that they don't get in their own way--that they don't sabotage their own success. Oh, really? Buying low quality food that makes you overeat and then feel bad about yourself IS getting in your own way. Lowering your expectations by declaring that you are aware of your sabotage so that makes it ok--IS getting in your own way. Saying you want something but secretly don't believe it will ever happen in any world IS getting in your own way. (Limiting beliefs).

Despite turning the page on 2022, I have quite a few people telling me they are feeling especially stuck right now even though they'd like to make a fresh start.

Is something in you calling out for an upgrade? Is something bugging you? Your health? Your self confidence? Boundaries with your family or yourself? Disappointment in the stage of life you find yourself in? Lack of authentic community? The blahs of continuous covid fallout like inflation, no service, no courtesy, no manners? If you are feeling the heat, you might consider joining my new group coaching: Soft Landings: Second Chances.

It starts on Monday January 30, 2023 at 7-7:45PM on Zoom.

This is for people who are ready for more from themselves and their lives and are looking for authentic group support, my style of coaching, goal setting, accountability, action steps and guided visualization to get what they want whether it is a second, third or thirtieth chance at this. More details to follow. Here are the basics.

This is a prepaid, renewable monthly membership.

This includes:

Four small group coaching sessions per month (Monday nights at 7-7:45pm) central time.


--One 30 minute individual coaching per month--I'm all yours! Talk to me.

--Follow up texts, messages and encouragement in between sessions to keep you going.

What do people say about Coach Karen?

Anne H. says this--

"I found the time I spent in two months of coaching with Karen to be extremely well spent and high value. These are lessons I can take with me and apply again and again...Karen's no-nonsense style is also balanced nicely with her helpful and supportive guidance. I appreciated her insights into how to more effectively create boundaries when it is necessary, show myself kindness, and the hands-on problem solving skills she demonstrated to help me with some of the emotional responses I had... Karen is the best!"

Stay tuned for more details, and if you are ready to sign up, send me a message, and I will follow up directly.

Your life is NOT HYPE. Your life is what you choose to make of it on your terms. Go with that. That's this coach's best advice for 2023.

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