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Change--Change Again--and Repeat

There is nothing as constant as change--we have all heard this one before. What that really means is that no matter how much or how little you like things changing (ahem--we are creatures of habit--most of us don't like it.) they will be changing anyway. This past year has taught us that we have to become more adaptable human beings. We have to adjust our expectations to what is around us. We have to rearrange our thoughts and shift.

What kind of change are we talking about, though? Is it like picking a new paint color for the bathroom? Not such a biggie. Or, is it the kind of change that says if I don't do something about this blood pressure, I'll be having a heart attack or stroke? Or, is it the kind of change that has nothing to do with you, i.e. the pandemic. It happened to you through no fault of your own?

We respond differently depending upon how the change came about in the first place. For change that came up out of nowhere like the pandemic, most of us were shocked and forced into isolation. We can look back now and reflect on how we handled it. That tells a story about how we cope. But let's talk about the change you'd like to make because whatever you've got going right now is NOT ok anymore, according to your standards. Are you the type of person who jumps in once you decide to make something happen? Do you go for it right away with a feeling of purpose and positivity? Or, are you more like someone who embraces something new but secretly harbors a world of doubts. Or, are you more like the one who says--this will never work. Eyore is your spirit animal?

The truth is that whether you are gung-ho-let's get it or not, you can become more gung-ho-let's get it. It's a matter of working at it. It's a matter of opening up your mind and heart to the possibility that yes, indeed, you deserve more for yourself. If it sounds like mindset shifting work, you're right. It is. Without the mindset shifting we might stay stuck in past memories of things not working so well. #nothelpful We might never learn the art of overcoming difficulties and pushing through change--to emerge victoriously on the other side.

We are getting to the other side of a time in our history that demanded unprecedented change and change again. Give yourself credit for getting this far. It's time to emerge.

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