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Finding Calm in the Storm

There is a lot of anticipation and dread in the world right now. Fires burning. Oceans boiling. No rain for the weary. Flooding for others. It's the last third of summer, which usually signals lazy, hot days. Check--we got that. But my mind is going a mile a minute about what's next? There is yet another layer of Covid reality hitting as we speak. Wait, I thought I did my part? I got my shots? I wore my mask at the gym even though it felt like a wet diaper on my face. Now, I feel like I am in detention--getting punished because of the few who didn't do their work. This invisible germ keeps controlling so much of our lives. Still...and here we go all over again...and for how long?

No one knows, but I am finding myself frustrated about all of it. I am finding myself in need of helpful coaching techniques to manage my thoughts more effectively. I don't want to be annoyed. It makes all other decisions that much more difficult. I want to feel optimistic. I want to feel confident. I want to feel like I am getting my life back on my terms (that third one is the problem) and can plan vacations without fear of canceling at the last minute.

So, what does this coach do when this happens? I turn to my own advice. Yes, I take my own advice. Here goes!

#1 STOP and breathe. Slow down long enough to relax the body through the breath, in and out through the nose.

#2 WRITE down what you want more of. Make this ritualistic. Make this special. Use a lovely journal to write these things down with the date. You don't have to read them ever again, but the act of HANDwriting what is in your heart and mind is part of the process. You might even write down your "three good things" that you are grateful for in the moment. True story--today I am grateful my fruit bowl is overflowing. See my Instagram post about it (8/4)!

#3 Commit to making your intentions and attentions flow together. Do those very things that will bring you more of what you really want precisely what you wrote about in Step #2. Do not let yourself off the hook even if you don't feel especially enthusiastic. The act of taking action is part of the process.

#4 Have some fun. Be a kid again. Walk in barefeet. Go to the lake at sunset and dip your toes in. Take a ride on your bike just around the block. Eat tomatoes out of the garden in the garden. Take the dog on an extra walk at a special place for both of you. Buy yourself a treat. You have money now. :) And car keys. :)))

This sounds like effort, you might be thinking. It is. It is effort to keep yourself going. It is effort to refocus on what you want more of. However, when you don't take these action steps, NOTHING GOOD happens. Time just comes and goes, and you are left out of your dreams. Even if your dream is to find happiness in a fruit bowl on a certain Wednesday in August.

You are worth the effort it takes to keep going.

You are worth the effort it takes to manifest your heart's desire.

And for that reason alone, I keep going,

and I encourage you to do the same.

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